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    The game began. We played for our pleasure. But then maryusake banned me without any reason. I didn't break the rules, didn't insult anyone. What is the ban for ????
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    Hello, i know thats its useless to write about admin abuse, because nobody does anything and admins still use their admin privileges to kick and ban everyone for everything they want. So this info is for another players just FYI. Game: https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=232990 "Admin": widowmfist Ban reason: as the "admin" said for what I wrote vk to him, becausee he was last player who didn't write ff. Simply put, for nothing.
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    this noob ; when i kill his noob , he ban me always. whattahell what's wrong this portal. idiot who have pay money ban me. fuck shit.
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    MARYUSAKE91 забанил с причиной fake, хотя игра проходила вполне нормально, видимо на что то обиделся , но как посмотрел по форуму, я не один такой, кого он забанил по приколу....Разберитесь banned me without reason, the game was norm but he(she) bunned me without any messages to me..
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    Tell me please, why was I banned? for my 214 games? Well, if you give for this, then why did you give this moron the admin panel? Explain please! Maybe I was wrong somewhere? I played myself calmly, then I banned for the wrong reason! Interesting ...
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    Ты уж извини, что так получилось, но к сожалению вашими жалобами жопку подтирают.
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