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  1. Hood of defiance doesnt help(either look at upping this item for countering of spell damage), why add a item that benefits magic damage but there is not item to counter it, either look at increasing the cost of item to same as high top tier items like stars (10000) ? As to reduce the spamage of the item so early game.
  2. Sunstrike is overrated in general, who idea was it to make it do so much damage. It needs to lowered it 1 taps a Cent, the only hero that is technically safe is SKing. Damage in general needs to be lowered, even Chen test of faith is not as op as that. People get refresher orb and spam 1 shot everyone from where ever they are.
  3. Afternoon All I would like to see Dota Imba Legends migrated from old classic to reforged. Unfortantly map is map protected and only certain people have access to the map plus i am not experienced in Jass. Please could we have a community vote to see who would be intrested in getting this done. How much would a Modder/Codder/Jass developer cost to do this because im sure others and myself are willing to contribute money. Community doesnt push for attracting new members to experience what map has to offer. Ladder system that ingame.ro hosts with current map design would not be the deciding factor on this because that is just being dam selfish.
  4. When will Dota Imba Legends be converted to play on Warcraft 3 reforged using there map editor? This is a question more for Ingame(Admin Map Developement Team)
  5. Hello Admins Time Incident: 24min40sec Match: I_M_B_A #17 2019-05-14 22:45:58 URL: https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=153447 Item i purchased "Messerschmidt's Reaver" goes missing out of my courier from secret shop when delivering it to me wtf 153447.w3g
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