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Game rules:  


1. You cannot steal player items without first asking other players if he was kicked, left the game or disconnected. There are situations when only you need an item that the player had, but you still have to ask others.

In any case, you cannot steal his items. Items of a that player must be sold to the store by the character the player played for so that gold will be distributed to all players. In rare cases, when the whole team is fully equipped, they may let you take this player item, but in most cases the rule is violated. Ban for 2-7 days.


2. It is forbidden to block neutral creeps spots by wards or mines in your forest. You can only do this in the enemy forest. Ban for 7 days.


3. If the team considers the game lost and votes !ff, but you are the only one who does not think so and decided not to vote with the team, you can be kicked or banned for 2 days after another player's appeal or notification from the moderator.


4. It's forbidden break your items and leave the game. This equates to Game Ruining / Antigame. Ban for 2-7 days.


5. It is forbidden to break allies' items in any cases. Ban for 2-7 days.

You can always break enemy items.


6. It is forbidden to use known bugs such as the windruner or witch doctor ultimate. Ban for 2-7 days.


7. It is forbidden to insult players or administrators. Ban for 2 days for insulting the player, 2-14 days for insulting the administrator, 7-14 days for insulting the parents of players or administrator.

If you joked or freaked out, and a negative reaction followed, it is better to apologize for such a joke or your burnt ass, do not add kerosene to the fire.


8. It's forbidden to feed enemy team players, to report secretly or in global chat the location of your allies players or wards to enemy team, to teleport allies to base for fun. Ban for 2-7 days.


9. It is forbidden to spam in the game chat. You can be kicked from game if admin is in the game or banned for 1 day by moderator.


10. It is forbidden to use a nickname like Admin or Moderator. Permanent ban.




Forest farming rules:


 - Three players are farming spot with three neutral creeps. Group 1.

 - Two players are farming spot with two neutral creeps. Group 2.


If you start farming spot with two neutral creeps (group 2), then you can no longer go and farm in group 1. You must stay farming in the group in which you started it. You can be kicked or banned after another player's appeal or notification from the moderator.

Also, you cannot run through an already used area even if the path is shorter. Even if you did not kill the creep you can steal an experience.

If there is a player in the game who does not know this rule, he should be informed. If the player continues to break the rule after being informed he can be punished in the same way as indicated in the paragraph above.

You can move through the forest and farm anywhere in the fifth minute, because at this time the enemy can enter your forest.


P.S. If there is no administrator in the game, do not forget that there are players and moderators who are watching you, and are always ready to put you on a cucumber of justice.

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So... I have a situation.
Because of a bug, on ulti Alche, all the items fell down and the enemy distroyed them.

What to do in this case? The player did not ask for the bug, should he be punished by having all his items distroyed?

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33 минуты назад, d0tt88 сказал:

So... I have a situation.
Because of a bug, on ulti Alche, all the items fell down and the enemy distroyed them.

What to do in this case? The player did not ask for the bug, should he be punished by having all his items distroyed?

in this case, it is possible to break enemy objects (there are no cases when it is forbidden to break them)

it is written in more detail in the Russian-language rules, but here it is very brief 


point 5 https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/topic/5080-правила-для-игроков-сервера/

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If I unterpret this correct, all we have to do is understand how Axe's call bug works and just go and distroy the artefacts of the other team?
This doesn't make any sense ...

The bug must be removed, or made a rule not to break the items in case the bug occures. It is not the player's fault that a bug occured, hence the player should not be punished (items distroyed) for this.

Do I have a bad logic here?

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write to the chief administrator Styla about fixing bugs

at the moment the rules are such that players should not be punished for this bug

but i think it is debatable and the rules are subject to change

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