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General Game Rules

The general rules contains a list of rules you are expected to follow. This is mainly for those who do not wish to read the rules in depth. If you would like to read the rules in depth, please see the Rules Section.

  1. 3rd party programs are forbidden – For more information, please see the Rules Section
  2. Flame, trashtalking, insulting and provoking is forbidden, this includes any racism as well, doing it as "joke" is forbidden as well, as we do take it serious.
  3. Spamming is forbidden (Constantly typing the same thing in a short period of time, ping spamming, posting phishing/illegal content)
  4. Gameruin, Item Stealing (teammates and leavers), and ghosting is forbidden – For more information about gameruin and ghosting, please see the Rules Section.
  5. AFK griefing is forbidden
  6. Admin impersonation is forbidden
  7. Ban avoiding/dodging is forbidden
  8.  Bugs that are banned on the forums are forbidden
  9. Mid lane call


This section contains a detailed explanation about the rules. It will explain the things you should be able to do and things you should not be able to do. If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered in this section, feel free to post a thread asking about it in the Help & Support section.

1.0   No Third Party Programs

Third Party programs are programs that are downloaded from a third-party site that helps your gameplay but may limit another players’ gameplay. Unless stated, all third-party programs are not permitted.


1.1   Maphack – Permanent Ban

Maphack is a program that provides the ability for you to see the entire map without any fog vision. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

If you suspect a player who is using maphack, please watch the replay carefully before making such report. There are certain cases where it is a coincidence or they did have prior vision. Directly accusing someone as maphack will not help you win a game. Please only report after you have watched the replay. Fogclick detector might help you speed up the process(NOTE: Fogclick detector is not permitted in game and it is considered a 3rd party program that violates the rules) but keep in mind, fogclick detectors contain a lot of false positives. For example, if a fogclick was detected on an enemy hero but the enemy hero recently killed some of your creeps, that is most likely false positive.

Side Note: Sleight of Fist contains false positives too.  

1.2 Bots

Programs like Meepo Bot or Invoker Bot are strictly forbidden as they provide an advantage to the player. When comparing players who do not use such bots, it is unfair for those who do not use the bots.


2.0 Flaming and Trashtalking

It is understandable that there will be times where you will feel frustrated because a player is not playing the way you want them to play like. It is okay to be angry but it is okay not to threaten someone with death threats, insults, and etc.

To ensure you do not get banned for this, the best thing to do is try hold the anger back. If you are a victim of someone who is flaming you, you may wish to use the command !ignore playername (if this exists, we can put this here) but IT IS ALWAYS NEVER A GOOD IDEA to flame back as not only it will disrupt the gameplay, but also makes you responsible.

Do not spam lobby or game chat by repeatedly posting the same thing over and over again in a matter of seconds or post phishing/inappropriate sites.


3.0 Spamming

Although spamming may not directly ruin the gameplay, it certainly is disruptive to the players who are trying to pay attention to the game.

An example of spamming would be constantly typing the word “noob” every second nonstop. An example of ping spamming would be constantly using the command ALT+F(this is to ping on the minimap) for no reason. It is okay to ping more than once as long as you don’t ping for an extended amount of time to a point where it’s disruptive.


4.0 Gameruin & Ghosting

Generally speaking, do not do anything that is intended to harm your teammates and the game. Obvious examples like destroying/taking your teammate’s items, giving away your teammates’ position, abusing shared control or feeding the enemy intentionally. If you feel someone is ruining the game, you are free to use the command !votekick player. Abuse of this command will result in a ban.

Note: Players who are farming and refusing to help is not considered gameruin. If they feel what they are doing will help win the game, they are free to do so. There are times where people make a bad decision but that is not a reason to ban someone.

4.1 Feeding

The definition of feeder is a subjective term to some players but please note that just because a player had a lot of deaths with no assists or kills, it doesn’t mean they are intentional feeders.

Every player starts off from the beginning and improves as they play more. If we are to ban players for being new to the game, we won’t have any new players by then.

Using comparison, an intentional feeder is someone who dives into the enemy without an attempt to try to kill them or intentionally buying couriers and sending directly at the enemy. A newbie is someone who tries to help and failing or is someone who is trying to stay alive when being ganked but still dies because they are inexperienced in the game.

4.2 Item-Stealing from Leavers

While it is considered gameruin to steal items from teammates, it is important to note the policy regarding leaver’s items.

You have to ask the team before you take an item from a leaver. After given a reasonable amount of time to consider, you can take items for yourself unless someone disagrees. If anyone disagrees, all items have to be team sold that is, sold by the hero that left the game (so that gold is split)

4.3 Ghosting

Ghosting by definition is informing the enemy about your teammate with an intent to ruin their gameplay maliciously. This includes telling the enemy where your teammates are or if your teammate is low on hp, you tell the enemy to use a specific skill to kill them.

Generally speaking, do not tell the enemy anything about your teammate’s status and position.


5.0 AFK Griefing

We understand there are times where players need to go afk(away from the keyboard) because of personal issues but please note that going afk for an extended amount of time( 5 minutes) is not allowed. However, if you’re intentionally afking at the fountain to ruin the game but resetting the timer every certain amount of time, that is not permitted.


6.0 Admin Impersonation

This is self-explanatory. Be yourself, don’t tell people you are admin/staff if you are not an admin/staff.


7.0 Ban Avoid/Dodge

If you have been banned for whatever reason and feel that you don’t deserve it, you are free to post a thread in the Ban Appeals section. However, if you are avoiding the ban by creating a new account and joining games, that is not permitted.


8.0 Bug/Glitch Abuse

We understand that there are times where you are used a bug by accident and do not wish to continue using the bug but however if you are caught using the bug intentionally and you are aware it is a bug, you will be banned.

If you are unaware of something is a bug or not, you are free to post about it in the Help & Support & Suggestions section.


9.0 Lane calls

If there are two or more members of a team who call a lane (mid/woods) the -roll command will be used. The one with the higher roll win the lane.


Forum Guidelines

Ban Reports

At the top right corner of the site, you should see a section called Ban Reports. If you feel a player is violating the rules, you are welcome to post a ban report and a staff member will be happy to review it for you. Please ensure your ban report is as detailed as possible because it will make the staff’s lives easier.

Ban Appeals

If you feel you have been banned wrongly or deserve an unban or a lesser ban duration, you are welcome to post a ban appeal providing a valid reason as to why you deserve an unban. If you have been banned for disconnection, you are welcome to post an unban. Information about submitting ban appeal is unfortunately, unavailable at the moment.

If you have been banned for violating the rules, please be as detailed as possible as to why you deserve an unban.

Note: You cannot submit a ban appeal for someone else.

Final Notes

As long as you follow the rules, you should not worry about being banned. Enjoy your games! Please note that that we reserve a right to remove or adjust stats for violating the rules. We may even disallow access on our service if such action is necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. Please note that the rules can be changed at anytime without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to be aware of such changes.

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