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Ban: moldrin@server.eurobattle.net
Ban Details
  1. Ban ID 213170
  2. Ban Realm server.eurobattle.net
  3. Banned Player moldrin
  4. Ban Created
  5. Banned By Ady_Imba
  6. Reason dont ff after 25m in "imba #79" 5v4* on (09:10:51 PM Thursday 24-December-2020 ) Realm: XPAM | BG"
  7. Expiration
Appeal Details
Why should we unban you?

I request immediate unban. This is invalid ban by a salty admin "Andy_Imba" who is abusing his authority.
I see nowhere a written rule that I am oblidged to use !ff command if 4/5 have already used it. To say it the other way around - if there was a rule, saying "you must use !ff command if 4/5 have already used it", then it makes no sense for this command to exist in the way it is currently. In other words, just go ahead re-work the command such that not 5 but 4 people are required to use it for an automatic rmk.
Anyway, banning me from the server for not using !ff command is unacceptable. If he wants to kick me from the game - that's more acceptable. But completely banning me?!?!?!?! Sorry, this is too much.
Please unban me right away. Furthermore, I demand for justice, that is, I demand that this admin "Ady_Imba" is stripped away from his admin rights (penalty for abusing his rank).

Appeal Comments
  1. Moldrin

    Why is the same abuser guy who banned me without valid reason, handling my ban appeal? Woah, ain't that convenient? Hahaha.

    I request some senior admin and civilized english speaker to handle this.
    I am the kind of a player that don't give up, I play until the end, so I simply don't want to use !ff command. This is an optional command and I have the right to not use it if I don't like to.
    Philosophically speaking, if my other teamplayers have gave up and used the !ff command, this speaks that they are the game ruiners, not me. You can't ban me just because I'm not a quitter and play until the end. This is ridiculous.

    Furthermore, in the admin rules specified here:

     it is clearly written, quote:

    On 2/7/2018 at 3:12 PM, styla said:

                             Can kick a player (from his team) who wont !ff if votes are 4/5

    It clearly says "can kick" not "can ban".

    Please unban me immediately and remove the admin rights of this abuser "Ady_Imba".


  2. Ady_Imba




  3. Ady_Imba

    anti-game skill wrong bye merry


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