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  1. M Claudiu

    socket error

    i even downloaded 4_30 and is still saying the same....and its not about restarting server.....because i see so many active games for hours..... on eurobattle....i see games and yet i cant join the imba game...only the lod game
  2. ask them to do a special bot for you and for all noob ranks to play there....i personal will os 3.2 every time....because i come tired from work and want ro relax few games and i cant do that because always 1 noob rank is ruining all mood and games
  3. i think you need to remove the rules where admin cand swap and the difference not more then 0,15....because this zerith and dreamseeka never respect that rull whats the point in having that rule? 4.24 vs 3.86 because of swaping before start...difference of only 0,38 4. Admins can swap players , BUT score must be balanced and all players agree: difference is not greater than/or equal to 0.20 0.12
  4. https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=119653 37:01BotPlayer [zaGODofzaWORLD ] was banned by player [Zerith] for the next [2] days. 37:01BotBan reason: abusing /who after being muted after 35m in "LoD IMBA *99" 4*v4 on (01:20:05 AM Thursday 25-October-2018 ) From: ingame | RO" 54:35BotzaGODofzaWORLD was kicked by player [DreamSeeka]. ban without REAL reason from Zerith ........and kick without REAL reason from DreamSeeka.......i sugest to let only few admins to have ban+kick right dont let them become new Eco WC3ScrnShot_102518_014032_01.tga
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