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  1. I didn't know, thanks. This is fine, and explains why he uses deny, to me. You can't change the essence, the ban was removed, so at least you can kick, already something:) I think such people enjoy it, like people who enjoy domestic violence.
  2. The abuse by wehaveahulk continues. After a couple of complaints in this thread, he found another way. Now he does not ban me, but does deny, from every game where this donater is located. Considering the fact that he plays almost always in the evening, I can't play normally. Until when will this inadequate person abuse his paid rights? How many more complaints do you need against him to take action?
  3. Again, his Majesty wehaveahulk was insulted by a pathetic NOadmin, and for that, this nonentity who does not donate, was banned. I'll sit and think about my behavior. I hope justice itself was satisfied. Apparently, in order to play on this server, you need to look for a way to pour 10 euros on PayPal. Then I will have the opportunity, like all sorts of eco, just stand afc, rain, destroy the game when I don't have an imbic peak. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=296949 24:50[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep eco admin, he can destroy rules 25:33[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep when i afk, ban 2 days from hulk 25:50[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulk not just me ban you all admin will ban you 25:51[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: eco the universe is uneven mate 25:54[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulk dont use my name only 26:12[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep why eco not kick and ban? 26:21[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkexplain how? 26:25[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkteach me how and i will 26:30[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkoh you cant 26:34[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkso shut your mouth then 26:59[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkif you dont know what you are saying dont speak all you do is chat nonsense 27:01[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep no you shut mouth 27:06[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep wtf 27:14[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkyea u only chat shit 27:15[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: deep trash talk with me 27:18[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: wehaveahulkno substance 27:21[Ing]:Player [deep ] was banned by player [wehaveahulk] for the next [2] days.
  4. Support every word of the author. In fact, admin rights show the whole essence of a person. There are literally two or three people on the server, really decent and well-mannered people. Who act fairly and are never rude. The rest, use their superiority, and all sorts of demonstrating it. I can understand this, people are like that, give a little power, and your whole essence will come out. But what I can't understand is the indifference of the main admin. Indifference both to the players and to their offspring. Comrade Master's idea is quite adequate, and will really kill two birds with one stone. The server income, online, will potentially grow, and the internal atmosphere will normalize. P.S. I guess there is zero sense from this topic, no effect in a year. But all the same, I will leave here my opinion, which is of no interest to anyone. A straight smile on the face from the fact that many complain about the governments of the countries, and we here cannot solve the trifling problems of a tiny community, because of the ignorance of the "local authorities". Offtopic, I would like even more opportunities to pay, or donate, PayPal in the CIS countries, very few people have, and are unlikely to be. ---------------------- Поддерживаю каждое слово автора. По сути, админ права показывают всю сущность человека. На сервере буквально два три человека, реально достойных и воспитанных людей. Которые действуют справедливо, и никогда не хамят. Остальные же, пользуются своим превосходством, и всяческие его демонстрирют. Это я понять могу, люди такие, дай немного власти, и вся твоя сущность вылезет наружу. Но чего я понять не могу, так это безразличие главного админа. Безразличие как и к игрокам, так и к своему детищу. Идея товарища Master, вполне адекватна, и действительно убьёт двух зайцев. Потенциально вырастет и доход сервера, онлайн, и нормализуется внутренняя атмосфера. P.S. Полагаю толку от этой темы ноль, за год никакого эффекта. Но всё таки оставлю тут моё, никого не интересующее мнение. Прям улыбка на лице от того, что многие жалуются на правительства стран, а мы тут не можем решить пустяковые проблемы крошечного комунити, из-за игнора "местных властей". Оффтоп, хотелось бы ещё больше возможностей оплатить, или пожертвовать, PayPal в странах СНГ мало у кого есть, и врядли будет. Я так пон
  5. https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=294141 Wehaveahulk is a totally inadequate dude. He imagines himself to be a god. He pointed out the whole game what to collect. Wanted tarasque, Wehaveahulk told me to collect orchids. Please show me the line in the rules where I am obliged to collect what the administrator says. As a result, he gave me a ban because I did not obey his majesty. Was hiding behind the teamplay rule. It’s unlikely that I’m going to get banned, but I want to say, you’re sick. Go to the police, there people like you will come in handy. Megalomania is welcome there, and there you will receive more power, you can even use violence against people.
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