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  1. I was meaning it in the sense of, you play the way you play, I play the way I play... don't tell me how to play with my build or char. I did not say... you play your own game and I will play solo.
  2. Let me make this perfectly clear... If you are going to swear or call me names... I won't mute you, I will just remove you from that current game. We work as a team, you play your way, I play mine... that is it!
  3. If you are registered on ingame.ro Please join the discord server as it will make communication easier for some, faster replies etc. https://discord.gg/ay5XwCG8
  4. you should follow your peers like @Ferrochrome1990 . Have respect for others.
  5. mute?) because the enemy is writing to us in the chat, why should I know all this? Learn to read English. It was basic greeting... I can get you a link on manners and proper culture if you wish... or does mother russia only know agro
  6. I'm glad I see your profile pic, typical fucking douche bag with a mohawk lol. Wish I was in the same room as you to show you who is a man. Snoty kid... I'm probably double your age. Explains why you are so agro in games and abuse them. I will afk when reporting yes! I will not play in games that you abuse to your benefit.
  7. @styla @serb.arxangel He muted Linaplayer2020 because I was chatting to them. So I screenshot to post here, then he uses !slap command on me again. I am over this, does he pay you for admin abuse, is that why he can do as he pleases? If so, I am out. I just left the game because the !slap is just too loud in my ears.
  8. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=311172 Dendenovden has not got the mind set for administration. He does what he want to gain ahead in imba, he will kick a player beating him or farming too much. The link above is him kicking a player for farming with CM Ice (took his creeps). But the person kicked was obeying rules. On top of all of this, the grudge he has against me is pathetic, he uses command !slap Drea all the time, many many games, I take my headphones off, but I prefer hearing what is happening. He is NOT fit for admin, it needs to be removed. He has the full power to play to his benefit and that is NOT what admin is for. If a team asks me to kick someone, I tell them to !vk unless that player is doing something they should not. @styla @serb.arxangel I've been playing this since it has released, I have made so many changes to this map with my friend, Mylifebelike. This map is personal to me, I hate seeing it get abused.
  9. Dendenovden admin abuses bad, kicks anyone he wants, uses !os 3.1 that removes all regulars as he believes anyone lower is not good enough even though he does not understand that scores mean nothing.
  10. @all admins Guys, come on, we have command like !mute to mute those who 'flame or blasphemy'. @KASTUTO... You can't just ban every person that says any flame word all day. Warn them first, then mute them, if they continue in the next game, then ban them. A lot of the ban appeals are your bans on flaming. I used to do that too, @styla told me to just !mute them, and to be honest, that simple command never even crossed my mind. Try get into the habit of that command, you have to understand that the other gamers out there are also people like you and I. We all want to play, we all want fairness. I'm def not perfect in here either, some call it abuse but eg... The scoring system is just there, does not really work in my opinion, most games it will be 4 or 5 regulars vs 5 newbies. The main thing about IMBA is the luck of the draw. I swap with someone when Zerith is in the game as he and I are best mates in reality, we really enjoy jamming IMBA with each other. Most people cry when we swap, but we don't unbalance it, we lose a LOT of the games... why... luck of the draw. But we still have a good laugh and try do out best with what we get. Another thing I have noticed with IMBA... Never give up! There have been many game where I have typed !ff as it looked obvious that we were gonna lose, but... our team still persisted. We defended, we pushed, we won. IMBA is about fun, not winning, people have yet to realise that. My games played between my old server twilightgaming.co.za and styla's ingame.ro are just over 13150 games played. Okay a few of them are from the LOD maps just before IMBA took off, or should I say, took preference. There are many out there who hate me, out of jealousy or what, no idea, I was never rude to them to start them off like that. But ye, they are unhappy about something in life I guess. Guess that is all I have to say for now. Anyways, keep gaming, keep the peace, keep having fun! DS
  11. Good Morning Andrew, The item did not actually vanish. Quite often a courier will drop the item in the river if you are at the outside shop on the sentinel side. Scourge side it drops on the floor at the shop. It also occurs when you character is close by to the shop when you purchase the item and your courier is in the vacinity. The item will not go to you or your courier, but drops on the ground. Not always easy to find it. I use my courier to try locate it. Couriers can also drop it on the spot they on if you are close to impassable ground. I have not watched the replay. But can take a look later when I am home. Regards DS
  12. @styla @flyingangel I don't agree on kicking someone because you don't want them on your team, this server is just admin abuse over and over now. I still play because I love IMBA, but young kids who are given admin are ruining it.
  13. Greeting fellow Players... I would like to just share a tale of how things came to be... I am one of the few players with over 11000 IMBA games played, along with Ozealat, Archonpaladin, Zerith, MyLifeBeLike. Only 4000 odd on this server. We been playing IMBA together on twilightgaming.co.za for many years. MyLifeBeLike and I decided to start fixing issues that were not being sorted out on the map. He taught me a lot about the coding process and how to go about it. I remember my first overpowered skill I sorted out was PowerShot from Windrunner. Because of the double arrows fired, the damage was too excessive. So I halved both arrow damage. We created spells too. E.g. I named spells like OctoBeam from Wisp. Then came along ingame.ro MyLifeBeLike got into a discussion with Styla and work was done together, a calibration if you must. MyLifeBeLike gave up mainly because of the time it took up to fix bugs and no1 even said Thank you. All we received were conplaints about more bugs. Styla has done a brilliant job since then. People don't know the stress behind the scenes. But through all the years of experience. There is a reason why myself and Ozealat say this next comment every game. 'It's just a game, have fun.' Here is something from me: IMBA is NOT about winning, it's about having fun every game. It's not balanced and never will be. It's luck of the draw and you have to make best with the combos you are given. Too many players only care about winning. They have a long way to go to reach our level of understanding. I hope the above has broadened some players perspectives on IMBA and some history behind it. Keep well all and have fun. DS
  14. DreamSeeka

    New Map Change

    We need to make a change regarding Ghosts, they should not be able to attack invisible objects like mines/remote mines, or wards. Invisible heroes are fine. But a Techies build can spend a whole game planting mines, and 1 ghosts ulti can remove all the work he has done, so no point of Techies even playing. @styla
  15. Here I have to agree with Styler, other players like gangbang2... He moans after every death, that they map hacking, you get used to how some players just are, you ignore it. Every player is a person with their own traits. Just put up with it, notoriosnoob and ady_dota and soul_reaver2 are the most annoying players on IMBA, yet we still just let them play. Soul_reaver2 calls other players names always... so what. I won't lie... I used to get so pissed off with them, now I just don't care about their comments. Serb and I always greet each other by saying, 'hi mher'... It's our friendly joke. If you all just accept each other for who they are and how they play, or moan, IMBA would be so much more fun. Ozealat does have a short temper, but he just !mutes at least, does not just kick. It's sad to see the regular good players trying to get other players to !vk someone. Picture if that 'someone' was you, how would you feel if they all started to !vk you? - All you want to do is play and have fun, regardless if you are doing well that game or not. I play for fun, so does Zerith, I would take mines or hook over a cent, drow gay combo any day. So put your childish games behind you and just try 'one' game where you are there for fun, not to get angry at all. Watch how much more you enjoy the game. Thank you styler and everyone involved in IMBA, we have all put our bit into the map over time. We do it not just for ourselves, but for all the IMBA players out there. Appreciate what has been created out of love for all of you. Why do you think my buddy Stefan (mylifebelike) left? He worked his off with me on many maps. No1 says thank you, they just moan and moan about this bug or that bug. Anyways, enjoy the game friends. DS
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