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  1. send me game link..and i will check it
  2. styler removed his access hope he learns now a bit what he can and cant do
  3. game link..give me proof and i handel it
  4. serb.arxangel


    @styla @sel1ne13 Dont spam !!!!
  5. link from the game..and i check it .
  6. @Master you wrong you don't have every right to kick/deny whoever you like ....you can deny/kick a player if he did something wrong ...not just because you can... And this is for all admins the same ...ABUSE ADMIN YOU LOSE IT...don't cry later
  7. All admins need to be on Discord https://ingame.go.ro/discord/invite/general/ when you get in Pm me
  8. no need to send me i got it ...and you started flaming first now be nice and dont lie .....w8 till ban expire then play and dont flame next time
  9. send me game link..and i check it
  10. In Chat Write !createcfg <mapname> you need to write exact name like in your wc3 map folder..after that the cfg file will show in Client mapcfgs folder
  11. All admins need to join Discord .Here is the link https://ingame.go.ro/discord/invite/general/ and when you join contact me to put you in admin chanel..you have 10 days after that who didnt join gets punished. YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER ingamero 7 Online337 Members Joined [11:15 PM]
  12. how swap ? in loby or in game ?
  13. its easy 2/3 and thats it....before min 5 wher you start stay ther ...or risk kick/ban...your chice
  14. the rules are simple if you go wher 2 creps spawn you stay ther till min 5 you can change if you ask and they say ok if not stay wher you started to farm ..and talk nice or next time ban from forun ...
  15. and whers abuse ? how i see here you falme...and pick 1 acc and play with most games...
  16. look if you ask nice to unban i do that but when you say like that +2 days mate
  17. dl gproxy...and ther is a cfg file ther you change all....dl and folow instructions
  18. its a restart...of server ...whas some testing ....
  19. mate ingamero is the bot that is the bot not players....maybe whas a restart of server os something
  20. can you tell me who that is ?????and how they throw all out ?
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