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  1. Considering the update to newest protocol is a wrong move, I propose to login to realm Playground to play LODI. I can make my own pvpgn server but only for imba is not a good ideea, maybe players want to play others maps too, even on other bot The steps: 1. Download patch version changer https://mega.nz/#!VcMhQRqT!xywHJY9NSPLF15x505PiLE11KpHHyqUYqph65Z3o8ow to easy change versions (1.27 to 1.26 or reverse in few seconds). If you join with 1.27 patch on the playground realm, automatically is downloaded patch 1.26. Then restart the w3. 2. With w3 turned off, download attached realms.reg registry and run it to add the realms in warcraft 3 battle.net gateway. realms.reg 3. Start w3 from w3l.exe, login in playground realm( it-ground is better), create a new account, and go play IMBA 4. If you play with gproxy, update account details in gproxy.cfg, username and pass: #####eurobattle.net user and password.############### ## here you can create a account: http://app.eurobattle.net/register username = mylifebelike password = seeka war3version = 26 thats all. Note! 1. On the playground realm, game list refresh are slow, To join fast in game, go check the stats page, at home tab: https://ingame.ro/openstats/ [second table named imbalod26] and copy/paste game name and join.Dont forget to refresh after some time. OR, add bot name to friends to see gamename. 2. you can login with other realms from realms.reg : it-ground or bnet.kyohk.net both realms with instant refresh gamelist! Download realms.reg
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