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sexylilgirlsmmm kicking players without reason for win

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took the Riki, the liquid fire....and pushed line....when i starting deffing and you understand that can`t stop me or kill - you kicked me with weak reason (better without of reason)

and another player who prevented you from winning - they was glitched too?

o yes of course necr aura - of course it good reason too kick player too

so  -  kicking in all games players and after wrote reason - "I can kill him so i will kick him"

for example 


-5 players kicked.....again 5 glitched heroes?

or you want win?



kicked 2 players from your team and taked their iteams (which is a violation of the rules)

The result
use of admin rights in their own interests
for your own victory and statistics
no respect for players


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this is ageans rules you cant kick all team for no reason....sexy cent no glich all ok with cent just sory for the pick it happends that you get that pick and just mort can kill you....

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serb what he's saying isnt true.. he is lieing because there is no gamelog so he is making stuff up.

cent was glitched you couldnt even liquid fire on him.. watch replay for proof and watch replay and I never said ""I can kill him so i will kick him"". It's lies.


then after he was gone scourge were using glitched hero and gave him thunderfuries.

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