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sexylilgirlsmmm admin abuse

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so, again our friend uses the opportunities of the administrator in his own interests

game -https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=98931

player - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=129021

the first:

the One player gone
https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=129021 took things without warning


violation of the rule in relation to things


...muteing player without reason just show your arrogance

the third:

kicked player only for the fact that he took his mask for 325
he wrote in English maybe the player did not understand him

result https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=220991 5:26 was kicked by player [sexylilgirlsmmm]

 and again he took all his things without warning

conveniently of course ... throw out the player and then take his things

and the last ofc he leaved like he did on half time


In 1 game he

took all the things of the leaves (2 time,one after his kicked)

kicked of player

mute without reason

and leave


This is not the first time he does what he wants and remains without punishment

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You just waste everyones time with stupid reports like this.


1. Leaver drops at start, then someone on my team drops the leavers items on the ground and tries to destroy them at fountain, so I pick it up while item is being hit before it's completely destroyed to save it. I think it was BanMeWhole who tried to destroy items.

2. I muted him for 20 seconds because he was dieing to neutral creeps with level 3 ursa because he was too busy talking and making threats. And he DID die to neutrals too LOL because he wasn't even paying attention to the game. Too busy talking.  I unmuted him 20 seconds later.

3.  I kicked axe because he stole my item from neutral and wouldn't give it to me after asking nicely, following him, and pinging 99 times.


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miserable excuses

1)it did not give you the right to take the thing of the liver

2)20 sek.....you really think who will believe this nonsense

the mutes were given for the whole game and not removed

so there was no way not to write

anything including FF

3)AXE from UZ and maybe he does not understand English ... or just did not read your endless insults in this game

you did not even give him time to reply that he understood
and just threw it away

4)and again took all iteam

axe`s iteames trying destroying too...or you simple take it without reason like you did every time?

Edited by Александр Бугаев
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LOL you are desperate. Anyone can check chat log to see how long the mute was for. I only muted again towards the end of the game because you wouldn't shut up and it was ruining the game. No one sold or took axes items for 10 minutes LOL. They just sat at fountain.  You left them in him because you wanted me to take them. If you wanted to team sell, why didn't you? You thought you could make a trap for your report. haha so childish.  

If axe doesn't speak English then he should understand me following him and pinging for the item back. If he doesn't understand it's his fault.

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baby ... how pathetic you can be
sits writing here pathetic excuses
muted the player and then writes to him knowing that he can not answer ... lower behavior can not be invented

the player was muted for the whole game and sitting there would not help lying, everything is seen from the chat
and all of your insignificant remarks to the player who could not answer you

axe`s things you took immediately as soon as you threw it out of the game

enough to lie that you did not touch them, you can see everything in the replay, you immediately took everything away without giving the opportunity to sell

kick the player for a thing at the price of 325

but do not say anything for the ones you took ALL iteam from ALL leaver

you are so arrogant and pathetic that every time violating the rules and rights of players

After that, he also tries to make pitiful excuses

there is nowhere to fall below

Edited by Александр Бугаев
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