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admin abuse fr1ed0m


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The administrator was not repeatedly seen in the players' lock, for no reason, while he insulted the players and banned just like that, please take measures to this administrator with a nickname fr1ed0m

I filed an amnesty (fr1ed0m) rejected it
I filed a complaint with a screen (
fr1ed0m) rejected it, although it can be seen how he insults me, in turn, he did not provide my insults or provocation to his address.
Why does this administrator think that everything is allowed to him.

By reviewing the game log, you can make sure that even the players write to him that it is impossible to ban and that this is a crash of the game, to which he responds with insults to me and other players (who do not know Russian) answers requests to communicate in English with insults in Russian, also according to the rules servers for insults do not kick and give silence, and then ban.

I apply the screen

This is not the first time, for the first time I did not make a screen, so I did not write a complaint, there was no evidence.

I ask you to take measures, I consider this behavior unacceptable for the administrator, just this administrator just pours out of the game.
here is a link to complaints that he himself rejects, you can see ripley


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What are you talking about? "The administrator was not repeatedly seen in the players' lock, for no reason, while he insulted the players and banned just like that". And who saw this, it is interesting for me to know? 
Have you mixed up anything... You started to provoke and insult me, and now you are trying to make me guilty. You crazy?  

I warned you about spam and slander, apparently you did not understand.


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In the game log, you can see that you are insulting, and not only me, but also other players, you can also see that you are doing a game crash (which you can’t do for insults), and there are no insults from me!

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