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noob loser maryusake91


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  • 4 months later...

Goodness.normal everyone ! i offer the guys to find the countrymen of mafrysake91 and punish them jokingly, and let them find those who will punish him jokingly, for fun. since he makes money with us. i think we have enough money to punish the fuckers. we have Bulgarians Palestinians Gypsies"! yyyyyyy . so the gypsies are his relatives. and he thinks to take revenge on us for the fact that they are treated badly by the authorities in russia. I will not explain further .and the people in the south of Russia are VERY playful. you can say love to laugh at jokers. The video will be uploaded until it is very funny for us.... want to laugh marysake91 we also love laughter....

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В 15.08.2020 в 19:13, yhvh666 сказал:

this noob ;  when i kill  this noob , he ban me always. whattahell  what's wrong this portal.  idiot who have pay money  ban me. fuck shit.

you don't know anything with him, just don't play with him and that's it

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