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we don't want stupid admin ( YSCOREAL )

Recep Karakuş

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You were banned for quitting on the game by closing down gproxy. I don't care who you are, if you ruin a game by leaving then you get a 2 day ban. 

Maybe you should pay 10 Euro to support this server then you can't be banned and can have admin rights yourself. Otherwise if you aren't going to support the server and just leech then shut your mouth. 

Also I would have APPROVED your ban if you were nice about it, but no even in your ban appeal you call us stupid and fools, throwing out insults. Better off without people like you to be honest.

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I was kicked out of the game, I didn't leave the game , I played around 5000+ games, I do not leave any games on this server , 
There may be a mistake in the connection or the game, you could learn it by asking, but you and others like you are in this game to satisfy your ego.


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