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it is enough. really enough.

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selamun aleykum brothers. May it be upon the mercy and blessings of Allah. The guy named maryusake91 banned me in a ridiculous way for killing him like any other banning admins. I don't know how many times I will explain this. Before my big brother got married, we were playing only one account on the same computer. now married. I have created a new account so that he and I can play the game together. BUT WE CANNOT PLAY THE RIGHT STYLE GAME BECAUSE THE "LOW" ADMINS BECOME THE SAME REASON BECAUSE THEY DIE EVERY TIME. With how many people still playing dota over there, it makes me sick to see that these lousy admin spoils are banned every time they are delusional and die. it is enough. really enough. Please I am really looking forward to your help with this. May the good be with you. 

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I'm writing the dialogues exactly;

I have played 200 times anyway, what will happen if he is banned? What is the counterpart of this undignity, this wrong thought?


10:35[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Harmecда блять
10:51[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Harmecзаебал бляь
10:58[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: lsssdmne soul nada
11:06[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: lsssdna malenkix kripax legko
11:16the Sentinelkilledmaryusake91
11:26the Sentinelkilledharmec
11:33[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: maryusake91!sd tark
11:33[Ing]:Tarkan35@ingame.go.ro Noob [2.99] - Games [152] - Leaver [2] - Win: 52.3% - KD: 5.6/7.1 - Top #74
11:37[Ing]:harmec muted for 25 seconds for having a foul mouth
11:37[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Harmecsuka
11:38[Ing]:Player [Tarkan35 ] was banned by player [maryusake91] for the next [2] days.
11:38[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: maryusake91!b tark fake
11:38[Ing]:Ban reason: fake after 10m in "imba #51" 5v5* on (09:18:00 PM Friday 26-March-2021 ) From: ingame | TR"
11:41[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: maryusake91!k tark
11:41[Ing]:Tarkan35 was kicked by player [maryusake91].
12:06[All]: ysocerealyou didnt even check
12:07[Ing]:Player [harmec] is no longer muted.
12:09[All]: ysocerealrage kick
12:11[All]: maryusake91i check
12:12[All]: maryusake91sd
12:16[All]: ysocerealso
12:19[All]: ysocerealnew people can join
12:21[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Gumboldt!mc tark
12:23[All]: maryusake91so ?
12:23[All]: ysocerealdid you mc
12:27[All]: ysocerealno you didnt
12:28[All]: maryusake91for what?
12:37[All]: ysocerealyou ban as fake with no proof
12:42[All]: maryusake91no need
12:47[All]: maryusake91under 200 games
12:48[All]: Gumboldtя тоже не увидел что он чекал
12:54[All]: maryusake91and pro
12:57[All]: ysocerealso how do new people join lol
12:57[All]: maryusake91enought
12:58[All]: Gumboldtуёбище
13:05[All]: maryusake91new people?
13:08[All]: maryusake91joke?
13:18[All]: ysocerealso no new people can join this server?
13:26[All]: ysocereali had <200 games and pro at one point
13:30[All]: Gumboldtслатан чё с этим сделать?
13:33[All]: Gumboldtон заебал
13:38[All]: ysocerealnow i've over 4000 games and donated £100's
13:38[All]: s1atanicбесполезно
13:47[All]: ysocerealyou just rage kicked
13:59[All]: maryusake91just folow the rules
14:02[All]: ysocerealnope
14:08[All]: ysocerealthat was a rage kick
14:11[All]: maryusake91ok
14:13[All]: ysocerealhe owned you, you cry
14:18[All]: maryusake91k k
14:20[All]: ysocerealonly way you could win i guess
14:28[All]: maryusake91y
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