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To Styla about sexylilgirl


Are these his fake accounts?  

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Sorry for my English, I use google translate
Recently, on my complaint, sexylilgirlsmmm was banned for 2 days. Overall, I want to say that this is a pretty nasty player. He often writes insults, especially when he is winning. But these are all trifles, today he took a new height.
Only those of his fake accounts that I know about, there are probably others:
1. https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/Stats/TopList/&do=single&id=281108
2. https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/Stats/TopList/&do=single&id=281122
 What unites them is that it is UA ISKUP. One person wrote to me today that sexylilgirlsmmm had played through Ukrainian vpn before. As you can see, both accounts are fresh, only registered today. Moreover, he did not play from his main account today, although he is already unbanned - there is no time, because you need to find time to register new accounts in order to harm me.
In the last game, he already openly interfered with me - he constantly threw sleep at me and interfered with farming:
By the manner of communication, I immediately realized that it was him. An unfamiliar player, with whom I have never played and have never done anything bad to him, cannot write insults and interfere with the game. Personally, I'm 100% sure that these are fake sexylilgirlsmmm accounts.
There is no way to prevent him from registering new accounts. But there is a way to punish him. I ask you to give him a permanent ban, or at least a ban for a month for his disgusting behavior.
I am ready to swear on the Bible that this is it. Naturally, he will deny everything, but I saw that he visited the forum many times today but did not play nirazu. Apparently he was waiting for me to come in and followed.

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Now his main account is again blocked for 2 days, so he plays from fake accounts. The last game from the sexylilgirlsmmm account on June 21 18:24, which he left and was no longer able to play from this account. Therefore, a few hours later, he played 2 games from the fake account chingchong1 - June 21 20:14 and June 21 21:23. While the main account was active, he did not need fake accounts.
I filed a complaint about this fake account for anti-game:
The replay clearly shows that chingchong1 messed up the game, but the S1ATANIC admin ignored it, he didn't want to watch the replay or at least read the game's chat. He did not understand the reason for the complaint and decided that the complaint was about a fake account, although the complaint was about anti-game (Game Ruining).
The saddest thing is that everyone is indifferent, it seems to me that his main account should be blocked for a long time for playing from fake accounts.

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