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Scourge Agility


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Activates the power of blood, instantly draining 40% max HP of a target unit (foe or ally) but leaving at least 100 HP. then silencing (foe) or improving attack damage (ally). If cast on yourself, instantly restoring 40% HP and improving attack damage. This drained or restored 40% HP reverts to original state over time.
Cast range: 800
Duration: 4/6/8/10 seconds.
Level 1 - 20% damage increase.
Level 2 - 40% damage increase.
Level 3 - 60% damage increase.
Level 4 - 80% damage increase.
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6
Manacost:  80

strygwyr-bloodseeker-blood-bath.png.c6a0852a9bed5ae138411f2759df84d6.pngBlood Bath
Each of your attack steals target's HP regeneration for 4 seconds. If you kill an unit, his blood gushed out, dealing damage to nearby enemy units, and slowing their speed for 4 seconds.
Stackable effects
Hero attack, normal damage.
Ignores magic immunity.
Level 1 - Steals 1 HP regen; deals damage equivalent to 10% of max HP, slows 30% of speed.
Level 2 - Steals 1.5 HP regen; deals damage equivalent to 20% of max HP, slows 35% of speed.
Level 3 - Steals 2 HP rengen; deals damage equivalent to 30% of max HP, slows 40% of speed.
Level 4 - Steals 2.5 HP rengen; deals damage equivalent to 40% of max HP, slows 45% of speed.

strygwyr-bloodseeker-strygwyrs-thirst.jpg.c0bc6e32eade3c407d5dea2a6a009c90.jpgStrygwyr's Thirst
Strygwyr is able to take a blooad bath if there's any unit gets killed within 625 AOE, restoring some of his HP (if not killed by you, you restore half) . And also enables Strygwyr to sense the bleeding of any enemy hero below 50% hp. If it finds one, Strygwyr gains vision of that unit and increases move speed. 
Movement speed is stackable.
Level 1 - Restores 10%/10% of max HP if you kill an enemy hero/normal unit. 11% movement increase, small area.
Level 2 - Restores 20%/15% of max HP if you kill an enemy hero/normal unit. 22% movement increase, moderate area.
Level 3 - Restores 30%/20% of max HP if you kill an enemy hero/normal unit. 33% movement increase, large area.
Level 4 - Restores 40%/25% of max HP if you kill an enemy hero/normal unit. 44% movement increase, hole map.
in Imba Range ALL MAP

Links the target unit to a random nearby enemy with the power of blood magic, when the distance between them changes, both of the units take damage; if no nearby enemy, the target unit will be linked to the location where he gets spelled.
Hero Attack, magic damage
Cast range: 1000
Duration: The more str the target has the longer it last seconds
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Manacost: 150/200/250
Level 1 - Deals 150 damage, 20% of distance moved in damage
Level 2 - Deals 250 damage, 40% of distance moved in damage
Level 3 - Deals 350 damage, 60% of distance moved in damage


clinkz-bone-fletcher.png.ecc1db5380e8e17fa372cda977df1254.pngBone Fletcher

Fire a large number of arrows in a short time period. 90% Increased Attack Speed.
Level 1 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
In ImbaMode, during the duration, if the target's HP is higher than you/Agility is lower than you, or target is a normal unit, deals 0.5 second stun for each attack.

clinkz-bone-fletcher-searing-arrows.png.5b4f69bc8f21ebdf67d7096c7120dcaf.pngSearing Arrows
Increases the damage of the Hero's attack by adding fire. Deals additional damageto the target, and deducts his max HP by 20/30/40/50, 
lasts 4 seconds, stackable.
Does not stack with other effects
Magic attack, fire damage
Can damage structures
Cooldown: 2/0/0/0
Level 1 - Adds 20 bonus damage
Level 2 - Adds 30 bonus damage
Level 3 - Adds 40 bonus damage
Level 4 - Adds 50 bonus damage

clinkz-bone-fletcher-wind-walk.png.27a2a564cb8d6c1db7542df50ad30d13.pngWind Walk
Turn invisible for a period of time, increasing movement speed. 
Level 1 - 10% increased movement speed, 20 seconds.
Level 2 - 20% increased movement speed, 25 seconds.
Level 3 - 30% increased movement speed, 30 seconds.
Level 4 - 40% increased movement speed, 35 seconds.
Cooldown: 20 seconds.

clinkz-bone-fletcher-death-pact.png.94ef538a6dbf84fef1f21a74591c90b3.pngDeath Pact
Kills a target unit, returning a percentage of its life.
Level 1 - 50% conversion.
Level 2 - 100% conversion.
Level 3 - 150% conversion.
Cooldown: 20 
Manacost: 100
In ImbaMode, triples the restoring effect, and granting 7%/10%/13% of victim's max HP as your attack damage. 
Lasts 15 seconds.



black-arachnia-broodmother-spawn-spiderlings.png.9814d49e41a9eea079d897436ad29f28.pngSpawn Spiderlings
The Broodmother injects her young into a target, creating immense pain. If the target is killed by the injection, spiderlings will be born.
With each attack, spiderling and sub-spiderling can convert 100%/200%/300%/400% of its dealt damage into its max HP, and also gains 1 armor.
Level 1 - 75 damage, 1 spiderling.
Level 2 - 150 damage, 2 spiderlings.
Level 3 - 225 damage, 3 spiderlings.
Level 4 - 300 damage, 4 spiderlings.
Cooldown: 10

black-arachnia-broodmother-spin-web.png.d4a1bf46d1289a511ca5dfb008089bca.pngSpin Web
Spins a web which grants the Broodmother and all of her units invisibility in an area, regeneration, as well as a passive speed increase. Regeneration and speed improves per level.
Level 1 - 2 allowed webs.
Level 2 - 4 allowed webs.
Level 3 - 6 allowed webs.
Level 4 - 8 allowed webs.
Cooldown:  90/70/50/30 
Manacost:  50

black-arachnia-broodmother-incapacitating-bite.png.2e788a60e6b9538ad4efb4777520b269.pngIncapacitating Bite
Gives the Broodmother venoms which will greatly reduce the target's ability to function, and deals extra damage.
Level 1 - Gives a 10% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 10%, and adds 2 damage.
Level 2 - Gives a 15% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 20%, and adds 4 damage.
Level 3 - Gives a 20% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 30%, and adds 6 damage.
Level 4 - Gives a 25% chance to miss, slows movement speed by 40%, and adds 8 damage.
Orb effect.
Buff placers do not stack
In ImbaMode, gives you and your unit a 3% /5% /7% /9% chance to completely paralyse the target, making him lose the will to attack and move, lasts 3 seconds.

black-arachnia-broodmother-insatiable-hunger.png.e628bb13f145ff4e8e98e3c39a52d1a3.pngInsatiable Hunger
The Broodmother develops a violent thirst for vital fluids. This lust greatly increases her attack damage and gives her a vampiric attack. And also improves all her units 50% damage, makes them can steal 20%/30%/40% HP from their attack and transferring to the Broodmother.
Lasts 14 seconds.
Level 1 - 60 bonus damage, 40% life steal.
Level 2 - 80 bonus damage, 60% life steal.
Level 3 - 100 bonus damage, 80% life steal.
Cooldown: 45


anubarak-nerubian-assasin.png.3a570f67ab7b98c806e2757f43936285.pngNerubian Assasin

Slams the ground with massive claws, shooting spiked tendrils out in a straight line, dealing damage and hurling enemy ground units into the air in their wake.
Level 1 - 80 damage, .75 second stun.
Level 2 - 160 damage, 1.25 second stun.
Level 3 - 230 damage, 1.75 second stun.
Level 4 - 300 damage, 2.25 second stun.
Cooldown: 11
In ImbaMode, amplifies 30%/40%/50%/60% of the target's taken damage in the last 3.5 secdons.

anubarak-nerubian-assasin-mana-burn.png.d1930282edda1a1161d8e92ce61d3a73.pngMana Burn
ends a bolt of negative energy that burns a target enemy unit's mana. Burned mana combusts, dealing damage to the target equal to the amount of mana burned. 
Level 1 - Burns up to 35 mana.
Level 2 - Burns up to 70 mana.
Level 3 - Burns up to 105 mana.
Level 4 - Burns up to 140 mana.
Cooldown: 4 seconds.

anubarak-nerubian-assasin-spiked-carapace.png.dcf82cb487ef68cb1678ff75881fde22.pngSpiked Carapace
The Nerubian Assassin forms barbed layers of chitinous armor that increases its defense and returns damage to enemy attackers.
Level 1 - 10% damage returned, 2 bonus armor.
Level 2 - 20% damage returned, 4 bonus armor.
Level 3 - 30% damage returned, 6 bonus armor.
Level 4 - 40% damage returned, 8 bonus armor.
In ImbaMode, when you get damaged, you convert 1%/2%/3%/4% of the damage as your armor. Unstackable, but lower value of armor does not cover higher one.

The Nerubian Assassin turns invisible for a short period of time, and can break his invisibility with an incredibly damaging attack.
Level 1 - Deals 225 backstab damage. 10% movement speed.
Level 2 - Deals 375 backstab damage. 15% movement speed.
Level 3 - Deals 525 backstab damage. 20% movement speed. 
Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds.


anubseran-nerubian-weaver.png.9459fc7949e099621f7239ab2374ac45.pngNerubian Weaver

anubseran-nerubian-weaver-urna-swarm.png.f188019c222b3654e184f1f21100feb7.pngUrna Swarm
Raises a Scarab from a corpse.
Level 1 - 2 maximum.
Level 2 - 4 maximum.
Level 3 - 6 maximum.
Level 4 - 8 maximum.
Cooldown: 14/11/8/5

Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage.
Lasts 4 seconds.
Backstab reduces target 's armor by 3/5/7/9 for 5 seconds. Does not stack with other armor reduction skills
Level 1 - 90 damage.
Level 2 - 100 damage.
Level 3 - 110 damage.
Level 4 - 120 damage.
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

2.png.fbbf4e07256a741da539f5f610473039.pngGeminate Attack
Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.
Level 1 - 6 second cooldown.
Level 2 - 5 second cooldown.
Level 3 - 4 second cooldown.
Level 4 - 2.5 second cooldown.
Orb effect.
In ImbaMode, for every 6/5/4/3 second cooldown, the Nerubian Weaver can steal target's HP equivalent to [0.5*(100+caster's Strength+Agility)].

anubseran-nerubian-weaver-time-lapse.png.a7dedfcb6f039829ac1cef521aa7f355.pngTime Lapse
Warps time back on itself, transporting the Weaver 5 seconds into the past.
Level 1 - 150 manacost. 
Level 2 - 75 manacost. 
Level 3 - 0 manacost.
Cooldown: 60/50/40
In ImbaMode, restores 40% of damage which is taken during last 2.5 seconds for every 5 seconds.


mortred-phantom-assasin.png.0b97901026765d91106e7e9d4d09871c.pngPhantom Assasin

mortred-phantom-assasin-stifling-dagger.png.702455d71bcc1e70aff0e4a34e05edef.pngStifling Dagger
Hurls a dagger which deals minor pure damage and slows the unit's movement speed for a short duration. Deals half damage to heroes.
Level 1 - 30 Damage, 50% Slow. Lasts 1 seconds.
Level 2 - 80 Damage, 50% Slow. Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 3 - 120 Damage, 50% Slow. Lasts 3 seconds.
Level 4 - 160 Damage, 50% Slow. Lasts 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 8
Manacost: 30/25/20/15
In ImbaMode, if the target is trying to cast any spell within the duration, he will be stunned for 2 seconds.

mortred-phantom-assasin-phantom-strike.jpg.9648abd1fc5403a2b6f0a7a6d536e192.jpgPhantom Strike
Teleports to a unit and adds 100 attack speed for 3 seconds while you attack that unit. 
Casting range improves per level.
Level 1 - 30 Cooldown.
Level 2 - 20 Cooldown.
Level 3 - 10 Cooldown.
Level 4 - 5 Cooldown.
Manacost: 50
In ImbaMode, creates a illusion that could deal/take 100% damage for 3 seconds. During this 3 seconds, if you receive damage, the damage will split up with the illusion

The Phantom Assassin is hard to see and hit. She gains a chance to blend with the surrounding environment when attacked, dodging any incoming physical damage for the next 2 seconds. And also grants you 5% chance to your ultimate skill.
Level 1 - 7% chance to trigger the Blur
Level 2 - 10% chance to trigger the Blur
Level 3 - 13% chance to trigger the Blur
Level 4 - 16% chance to trigger the Blur

mortred-phantom-assasin-coup-de-grace.jpg.aa75c643a3f28884384ef3238c0d7927.jpgCoup de Grase

Mortred has refined her hero-killing skills to a high degree, her attacks can trigger critical hit, and has a vert little chance to kill the enemy instantly. When critical hit triggered, she gains 10% critical hit chance bonus in the next second.
Level 1 - 15% chance to 3x critical, 2% chance to instantly kill
Level 2|- 15% chance to 4.5x critical, 4% chance to instantly kill
Level 3 - 15% chance to 6x critical, 6% chance to instantly kill


nevermore-shadow-fiend.png.81c2bcd3711a0a3a5b4ee7c876cb26e2.pngShadow Fiend

Blasts three areas 200/450/700 units in front of the Shadow Fiend for 75 damage.
Blasts three areas 200/450/700 units in front of the Shadow Fiend for 150 damage.
Blasts three areas 200/450/700 units in front of the Shadow Fiend for 225 damage.
Blasts three areas 200/450/700 units in front of the Shadow Fiend for 300 damage.
Cooldown: 10 seconds.
In ImbaMode, each of your sould count improves 1.5% damage.

Whenever the Shadow Fiend kills a target, he stores the unfortunate soul inside of him. For each stored soul he gains 2 bonus damage until his own death releases half of them from bondage.
Level 1 - 16 damage limit.
Level 2 - 30 damage limit.
Level 3 - 46 damage limit.
Level 4 - 60 damage limit.
In ImbaMode, each level of attack damage limit is 30/60/90/unlimited.

nevermore-shadow-fiend-presence-of-the-dark-lord.png.cf82bc9b84227d757b3a5d1b93a16abe.pngPresence of the Dark Lord
The presence of such a horrible creature terrifies nearby enemies, reducing their armor.
Level 1 - 2 armor reduction.
Level 2 - 3 armor reduction.
Level 3 - 4 armor reduction.
Level 4 - 5 armor reduction.
In ImbaMode, reduces additional armor within 450/600/750/900 AOE, the amount is equal to 10% of your soul counter.

nevermore-shadow-fiend-requiem-of-souls.png.e8f3d5ffddd711680563fde0981fd6c0.pngRequiem of Souls (DONT WORK WITHOUT Necromastery)
Summons evil spirits around you dealing damage to units in the area. Number of spirits is related to the number of souls stored. Lowers movement speed and damage of nearby units. The closer the units are the greater the damage.
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds.
In ImbaMode, the number of souls do not reduce.


terrorblade-soul-keeper.png.240613d6c923809cf4bd55a2ccb4f42c.pngSoul Keeper

terrorblade-soul-keeper-soul-steal.png.3a6546468a9dfce9d63001ba77d33365.pngSoul Steal
Strangles the soul of a target enemy unit and extracts bits and pieces of it.
Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 1 - Absorbs 20 hit points per second.
Level 2 - Absorbs 40 hit points per second.
Level 3 - Absorbs 60 hit points per second.
Level 4 - Absorbs 80 hit points per second. 
Cooldown: 12 seconds.
If you cast this skill, all of your illusions cast the skill as well.

terrorblade-soul-keeper-conjure-image.png.5d6c952b17c36f5c5f2ea5ab9cc87cdf.pngConjure Image
Creates a copy of Terrorblade which deals 25%/35%/45%/55% damage. The images take 300% damage.
Lasts 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 16
In ImbaMode, creates 3 copies of Terrorblade.

Transforms Terrorblade into a powerful Demon with a ranged attack.
Level 1 - Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 40 seconds, 50 bonus hit points.
Level 3 - Lasts 50 seconds, 100 bonus hit points.
Level 4 - Lasts 60 seconds, 150 bonus hit points.
Cooldown: 180/165/150/110
In ImbaMode, gains a 100% splash damage (375 AOE) when transforms.

under severs the soul from both Terrorblade and a target hero, then exchanges them, carrying part of the units' life forces. The percentage hit points of each unit are switched with the souls. Some hit points must remain on enemy heroes.
Level 1 - Range is 250, 33% hit point minimum.
Level 2 - Range is 250, 28% hit point minimum.
Level 3 - Range is 250, 23% hit point minimum.
Cooldown: 200/120/60 seconds.



mercurial-spectre-spectral-dagger.png.8749cadc3650cd493f32cb01174c2462.pngSpectral Dagger
The Spectre launches a deadly dagger that trails a Shadow Path. Deals damage to the targets in its path. Units hit by the dagger will also trail a Shadow Path. The Spectre becomes phased (gains zero collision) while on the path.
Level 1 - Spectre gains 5% movespeed, enemies lose 5%. Deals 50 damage.
Level 2 - Spectre gains 9% movespeed, enemies lose 9%. Deals 100 damage.
Level 3 - Spectre gains 14% movespeed, enemies lose 14%. Deals 150 damage.
Level 4 - Spectre gains 18% movespeed, enemies lose 18%. Deals 200 damage.
Cooldown: 16
In ImbaMode, doubles the damage and flying duration.

Deals pure damage that cuts through armor when attacking a hero that has no nearby allied heroes. Works on Illusions.
Level 1 - 525 searching range
Level 2 - 450 searching range
Level 3 - 375 searching range
Level 4 - 300 searching range

Gives a chance to avoid the damage, and reflect to all nearby enemies within 1250 AOE. The reflected damage is pure.
Fails when Spectre gets voodooed.
Level 1 - 10% chance 
Level 2 - 14% chance
Level 3 - 18% chance
Level 4 - 22% chance

Creates a haunting image beside each enemy hero. These images are uncontrollable, take 200% damage, deal 40% damage and each of them will attack only its pair. Haunting images have a 1 second delay before they become active.
Level 1 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 120



lesale-deathbringer-venomancer-venomous-gale.png.3e0b2ea3a5a8eedf10efa936ad7b9d8d.pngVenomous Gale
Releases a Venomous Gale which poisons enemy units it comes in contact with. Poisoned units take initial damage, damage over time, and have their movement speed slowed for a short duration.
Level 1 - 50 strike damage, 10 duration damage.
Level 2 - 70 strike damage, 20 duration damage.
Level 3 - 70 strike damage, 40 duration damage.
Level 4 - 100 strike damage, 50 duration damage.
Cooldown: 22
Manacost: 90/105/120/135
In ImbaMode, deals a high initial damage to the target (5%/7%/9%/11% of his max HP), slowing his move speed by 210 (slowly restores within 15 seconds), and dealing 1% of his max HP damage per second.

lesale-deathbringer-venomancer-poison-sting.png.8e207700e1d33574c76c85dd029c1e6c.pngPoison Sting
Adds poison damage to this hero's normal attacks, slowing movement speed by 10%.
Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 5 damage per second.
Level 2 - Deals 10 damage per second.
Level 3 - Deals 15 damage per second.
Level 4 - Deals 20 damage per second.
Buff placers do not stack
In ImbaMode, gives a 8%/16%/24%/32% chance to spray super toxin, polluting target's location for 5 seconds. Anyone who walks into it will be infected with plague, taking damage and being slowed. The caster regenerates 1% HP per second when he is in the toxin, stackable.

lesale-deathbringer-venomancer-plague-ward.png.27736f079e2425fe37af66a410c91142.pngPlague Ward
Summons an immobile serpentine ward. The ward is immune to magic.
Lasts 40 seconds.
Level 1 - 75 hit points, 11 max damage
Level 2 - 200 hit points, 21 max damage.
Level 3 - 325 hit points, 32 max damage.
Level 4 - 450 hit points, 42 max damage.
Cooldown: 5

lesale-deathbringer-venomancer-poison-nova.png.7a09db1ec60add5f716e46dcb7a94a39.pngPoison Nova
Creates a ring of noxious poison that damages enemy units over a 12 second period.
Level 1 - 36 damage per second.
Level 2 - 58 damage per second.
Level 3 - 81 damage per second.
Cooldown: 140/120/100 seconds.
Scepter Upgradeable: Improves damage and cooldown.
In ImbaMode, the afflicted units receive [4%*their max HP+20(40)/40(60)/60(80)] magic damage per second, lasts 12 seconds. Deals the same physical damage if the unit is magic immunity.



viper-netherdrake-poison-attack.png.e1b94a91d3776043212d4792c76c2fb6.pngPoison Attack
Coats Viper's attack with poison. Slows movement and attack speeds and lasts 2 seconds.
Level 1 - Slows speed by 10%, deals 6 damage per second.
Level 2 - Slows speed by 20%, deals 12 damage per second.
Level 3 - Slows speed by 30%, deals 18 damage per second.
Level 4 - Slows speed by 40%, deals 24 damage per second.
Cooldown: 4/3/0/0 seconds.
Orb effects do not stack
Buff placers do not stack

Adds a poweful toxin to your attacks. Deals more damage the lower the target's health is. Half damage on non-hero units.
Level 1 - Up to 32 damage.
Level 2 - Up to 64 damage.
Level 3 - Up to 96 damage.
Level 4 - Up to 128 damage.
In ImbaMode, additional damage is target's HP gap (max HP - current HP), up to 90/180/270/360.

BTNa0mm.jpg.fc5629fda428184307d253b358f442dd.jpgCorrosive Skin
Viper's body is covered with poison. Any unit that attacks it becomes infected. Reduced movement and attack speed and minor damage for 3 seconds. The poison also absorbs some of the damage from spells.
Level 1 - 5% reduction, 5 damage per second. 5% magic reduction.
Level 2 - 10% reduction, 10 damage per second. 10% magic reduction.
Level 3 - 15% reduction, 15 damage per second. 15% magic reduction.
Level 4 - 20% reduction, 20 damage per second. 20% magic reduction.
In ImbaMode, any unit trying to attack you gets reduced by 1%/2%/3%/4% of his max HP, lasts 7 seconds. Stackable.

viper-netherdrake-viper-strike.png.83ff490c3b397d7603e375a1a3c002d3.pngViper Strike
Strikes with a vicious bite, slowing movement and attack speeds significantly and dealing poison damage over time.
Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 60 damage per second and slows speeds by 40%.
Level 2 - Deals 100 damage per second and slows speeds by 60%.
Level 3 - Deals 145 damage per second and slows speeds by 80%.
Cooldown: 80/50/30
In ImbaMode, givas a 20% chance to trigger Viper Strike to the target.


202362595_FrostWave.jpg.aa7703cbb9cccf09fb3ce04864ea5b16.jpgAncient Couatl

202362595_FrostWave.jpg.aa7703cbb9cccf09fb3ce04864ea5b16.jpgFrost Wave
Summon a series of ice tides, piercing enemies, deals and freeze them for 1 seconds. 
Slows them down by 30% for next 4 seconds.
Spell attacks, magic damage
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Mana Cost:100
Level 1 - 150 damage
Level 2 - 250 damage
Level 3 - 350 damage
Level 4 - 450 damage

1215776399_FrozenFate.jpg.55dc291b369acad01bd957820687baf7.jpgFrozen Fate
Giving a chance of 17% to freeze enemies in 275 AoE when you kill an enemy unit. 100% chance when you kill an enemy hero.
Level 1 - freeze 1 second
Level 2 - freeze 1.5 seconds
Level 3 - freeze 2 seconds
Level 4 - freeze 2.5 seconds

769499696_FrostShield.jpg.0f6090e5c70ac9f910925d49968578d5.jpgFrost Shield
Creates a forzen shield to absorb certain amount of damage for you for 10 seconds. Freeze nenmy units in 400 AoE when the shield losses effect.
Cooldown: 45 seconds 
Mana Cost: 200
Level 1 - 100x armor damage, freeze for 2 seconds
Level 2 - 150x armor damage, freeze for 2.25 seconds
Level 3 - 200x armor damage, freeze for 2.5 seconds


BTNFireRemnant.jpg.852a64355048606dadf22e65ac984e9c.jpgEmber Spirit

BTNaaup.jpg.56a1027a7d4632e98003871050e39ab7.jpgSearing Chains
Xin unleashes fiery bolas that wrap around nearby enemies, anchoring them in place and dealing damage each second.
AoE: 400
Cooldown: 14/12/10/8s
Mana Cost: 110
Level 1 - 60 damage per second, lasts 2 seconds
Level 2 - 90 damage per second, lasts 2.3 seconds
Level 3 - 120 damage per second, lasts 2.6 seconds
Level 4 - 150 damage per second, lasts 2.9 seconds

BTNaa53a.jpg.b98078eca5cecbf1d486b360dcb27739.jpgSleight of Fist
Xin dashes around with blazing speed, attacking all enemies in the targeted AoE and returns to where he was standing after.
Ignores magic immunity
Casting Range: 1200
Cooldown: 30/22/14/6 seconds
Mana Cost: 50
Level 1 - AoE is 250, deals 30 bonus damage
Level 2 - AoE is 350, deals 60 bonus damage
Level 3 - AoE is 450, deals 90 bonus damage
Level 4 - AoE is 550, deals 120 bonus damage

BTNAAUQ.jpg.0b51d0eb412cf44520f64796d0afb8c7.jpgFlame Guard
Xin surrounds himself with a ring of fire that consumes incoming magic damage, leaving him unharmed. Deals dps in a 400 aoe. If the shield is dispelled, the dps buff goes away. Flame Guard's consuming counter refreshes for every 10 seconds, but will lose AoE damage ability when broken.
Level 1 - Consumes up to 150 spell damage, deals 15 duration damage
Level 2 - Consumes up to 300 spell damage, deals 20 duration damage
Level 3 - Consumes up to 450 spell damage, deals 25 duration damage
Level 4 - Consumes up to 600 spell damage, deals 30 duration damage

BTNFireRemnantTarget.jpg.b32f3cceed94d3ba6b0388a6c8bf48d1.jpgFire Remnant
Xin charges himself with the energy to release a Fire Remnant that runs to the targeted point. Xin can use his secondary ability to dash out to each remnant's location, detonating them for AoE damage. When releasing/dashing/detonating, Xin or his remnant deals damage to the enemy on the path.
Maximum 3 Remnants, each lasts 45 seconds.
Casting Range: 3000
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Mana Cost: 120
Level 1 - 140 damage
Level 2 - 180 damage
Level 3 - 220 damage


BTNeA08.jpg.9eb975fa8aeed7455313cea717336683.jpgNight Elf Sentry

BTNAANW.jpg.e98c83ff3728e88206a4bd63c3886c72.jpgSeeking Arrows
By shooting a special arrows, you can temporarily get the true sight and vision of target for a few seconds.During the lasting effect, every attack of yours (no matter whether the target is the unit) will result in an additional damage to it.
Divine Damage
Orb effects do not stack
Buff placers do not stack
Cooldown: 2/1/0/0 seconds
Manacost: 15
Level 1 - Lasts for 4 seconds;15 additional damage
Level 2 - Lasts for 5 seconds;30 additional damage
Level 3 - Lasts for 6 seconds;45 additional damage
Level 4 - Lasts for 7 seconds;60 additional damage

Teleports the target hero to his nearest allied hero. If the target is an enemy, deals stun to both heroes.
Casting Range: 500/650/800/950
Cooldown: 18 seconds
Mana Cost: 120
Level 1 - Stuns 0.5 second
Level 2 - Stuns 1 second
Level 3 - Stuns 1.5 second
Level 4 - Stuns 2 seconds

BTNaany.jpg.6f257bb5fcc0ac284017cb6c2671a4fc.jpgNatural Delivery
You can gain certain buffs from using items, or casting spells by allied or enemy heros nearby.
You will gain 10% extra exp when non-friedly unit killed by anyone else within the AoE
Level 1 - 1500 distance
Level 2 - 3000 distance
Level 3 - 4500 distance
Level 4 - 6000 distance

BTNAANZ.jpg.d81727f3db1f8cd4fb6b2fab290b16cc.jpgPhantom Investigation
Creates a self-illusion at a far location. Illusion inherits the effects of Seeking Arrows and Natural Delivery, and deals 50% damage and take 300% damage.
Duration: 20 seconds
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Manacost: 100
Level 1 - 2000 cast range
Level 2 - 4000 cast range
Level 3 - 6000 cast range



Dark_Pact.png.f2b9ea5b75a3b1fb259bddd5e2b37e4a.pngDark Pact
Slark calls upon deities of the swamps to seal a dark pact. Sacrificing some of his lifeblood, Slark is redeemed of all negative effects. After 2 seconds, a dark wave of destruction emits from the Nightcrawler, dealing damage to himself as well as all nearby enemies.
Level 1 - Deals 75 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 150 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 225 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 300 damage.
Cooldown: 10
fManacost: 55/50/45/40
In ImbaMode, during 10 seconds you casts this skill, any damage you took will be converted 7% as your attack damage, stackable.

Surges directly forward and latches on to the first enemy he hits binding it with chains of darkness. The enemy is unable to move more than 275 distance away from the point of impact for 3.5 seconds.
Level 1|r - Deals 50 damage at 400 max range.
Level 2|r - Deals 75 damage at 500 max range.
Level 3|r - Deals 100 damage at 600 max range.
Level 4|r - Deals 125 damage at 700 max range.
Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 75
In ImbaMode pounce can grap more then one unit and the caster can draw 5% of the chained enemy's HP by damaging him within the duration. The chained enemy cannot escape by any blink skill.

Essence_Shift.png.b3ebfa581be9cdec096b22b6f73aa3ea.pngEssence Shift
Reciting ancient Nightcrawler incantations, Slark enchants his blade to steal the power and courage from his enemies. Every time Slark hits an enemy hero, he steals 1 point from all attributes and 1 additional from the main attribute of that enemy hero while Slark gains 4 points of Agility.
Level 1 - Lasts 15 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 45 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 60 seconds.
In ImbaMode, each attack draws target's 10% current MP as your HP.

Shadow_Dance.png.542c93bc318b29a34306e12b399bf0e5.pngShadow Dance
The Nightcrawler takes on a guise of invisibility that does not dissappear when he attacks or cast spells for 5.5 seconds. 
This skill also passively increases the Nightcrawlers movespeed and regeneration when he is out of sight of hostile units. 
This effect has a 0.7 seconds delay when activating and deactivating.
Level 1 - 30% Movement, 2% Regeneration.
Level 2 - 35% Movement, 3% Regeneration.
Level 3 - 40% Movement, 4% Regeneration.
Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 120
In ImbaMode, after learns this skill, the Nightcrawler automatically sneaks when midnight/late night/nightfall


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