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Kicked three allies after realizing that he was losing the game.


There were a lot of disconnects in this game, in the end we were left playing 2 vs 4. After several insults, I banned and kicked player 3ae6y_b_jiode. Yes, perhaps I was the first to start (although whoever understands Russian - these were not insults), but on his part the insults were more serious and personal. But that's not the point.
Then we stayed to play 2 on 3. The admin kosms1998 begins to insult me (I don’t answer him). When he realizes that the game is lost, he kicks his allies and leaves.
We are credited with victory, that's good. But:
1. He doesn't watch his language.
2. Abuses the kick command.
Then he goes to the forum and writes a complaint against me, in which he calls me an idiot. For this I give him a ban on the forum.



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