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legion77788 no ff try vote and insult

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game link https://ingame.go.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=482925

51:52[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: pekcanlegion vermedi
51:56[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: pekcan!vk legi
51:58[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81legi ff
52:03[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: legion77788uruspuchuchu peckan
52:06resident161killed the SCOURGE bottom level 3 tower.
52:09[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81:D
52:11[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: pekcanbak ban yişcek
52:19[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81legion u make insult now
52:21[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81do u know
52:23[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: legion77788yeas
52:24[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81plss apologies
52:25[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: legion77788yeas
52:28[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: legion77788i can do again
52:33[Ing]:Player [3ae6y_B_JIoDe]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed).
52:36[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81u r my friend
52:37resident161killed the SCOURGE mid level 4 tower.
52:39resident161killed the SCOURGE mid level 4 tower.
52:41 18103cfcc8efa3128cd932ecfe603e71_sentinel.png The Sentinel damaged the Frozen Throne. The throne has only 75% life left.
52:42[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81but ı cant accapted this
52:44 18103cfcc8efa3128cd932ecfe603e71_sentinel.png The Sentinel damaged the Frozen Throne. The throne has only 50% life left.
52:45[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Roadrunner81plss apologies
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52:03[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: legion77788uruspuchuchu peckan

mean : son of bitch : in turkish orospucocugu 

he wanna write orospucocugu but use some diffrent letters

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