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    There needs to be one means to kick admin from game

    I have a suggestion, not sure how it would best be implemented but there needs to be some method to remove admin from a game. 3 games in a row tonight ECO cry then afk at base, we couldn't ff any game even though everyone else did !ff as he goes to base and sulks like baby and refuse to play or ff... He has been doing this for a long time. I think anyone below super admin should not be immune to !vk as they ruin games on purpose. Or if any level admin afk for 1min or put patrol on then they are not immune to !vk
    Too many games ruined by noobs like eco who cry within first 5min and ruin game.   Also !vk should be available from min 1 as so many TERRIBLE players especially in early EU time. 
    G Kay

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