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  1. Please fix the connection thing and delete all my 08.04.2020 cause it is terrible, every game or me or some of another players have disconnects today, impossible to enjoy any game, I don't remember something similar...
  2. What is happening? In 2 hours I had like 5-6 disconnects, and I had 2-3 per day last week, usually I have no problems and If I had some, I was switching IP´s connection and Gproxy was reconnecting me, but now nothing helps me. Today is terrible, the whole day disconnect, wtf....
  3. What the fuck, really, 3 times in a row in 30 minutes I have disconnect...
  4. I think it happens because the map is kicking people and it probably happens to me, because in that case gproxy doesnt help. Please fix this shit. Thanks in advance.
  5. Omg, it happened again, and it happens 2-3 times a day last week, wtf is happening? Why do I have disconnect and can not reconnect when everyone is still in the game !?
  6. Last week I had few disconnects and gproxy didn't help me, but the game contuined without me, and I was only the one who had disconnect. Before I was changing IP while I see disconnect and it helped, but now it doesn't help, I can not reconnect. Help please.
  7. I asked to player Blz.j0k3r to write something here, but he says he doesnt speak english. Probably there are more players who suffer similar problems with admins, but they can not explain theirself because of the language or they just don't use the forum and don't know that there is a posibility to find the justice.
  8. This time I was witness of the incident Admin [smf]burn banned a player Blz.j0k3r whcih was more useful then him for the (drumroll) "antigame" Player _Usama_ which also was in that game, also told that he had problems with that admin giving bans for invented reasons This guy thinks he is god here or what? how long will we tolerate it? Here you have the screen:
  9. It seems like this server will be the grave on my Warcraft 3 experience... the last map I was playing in Warcraft 3, but after such idiots with priveleges I think there is no point to waste my time here anymore. Can not support it anymore, this is disgusting.
  10. The man didn't even ask for furion before the gang, I had my ultimate in cooldown when he ganged.
  11. [smf]burn just kicked and banned me with the next reason: I didn't use furion ulti when he died Is it okay here now? Another sexylilgirlsmmm doing everything he wants? That's why I was in flame when he banned me last time. When I report for admins because of kicks and bans out of the bot rules nobody cares. When I talk bad or just play the way the admin doesn't like I lose admin and I get ban... come on !? p.s. Please unban KASTUTO nickname p.p.s. Please remove rights to kick and ban from [smf]burn (is he finally a brother of Styla or what is wrong with this admin?)
  12. Хоспаде, в 2020 году на это ещё кто-то обижается? Это манипуляция уровня детского сада... То, что кто-то ебал твою, может написать даже тот, кто ещё физиологически не способен ебаться, и обижаться на данные высказывания на данном этапе, когда это говорит каждый тролль в любой игре, ну высший уровень деградации.. Давно уже пора повзрослеть.
  13. Мухлиса, у тебя все читеры, кто тебя убивает, научись играть.
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