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  1. Вообще кучу ерунды какой-то с картой сделали. А с нелогично долгими кд ещё ульт ланаи засрали напрочь, просто сборка через некра и ульт ланаи исчезла на хуй и всё, её нету, как и многих других сборок тупо не стало. Вместо того, чтобы всё резать, лучше бы добавили новые предметы или что-нибудь такое, чтобы спасаться от какой-то очень лютой хуйни, а не резать всё то, ради чего мы играем в эту карту, что за абсурд.
  2. I can add that I really like playing this map and I would like to continue playing, but I consider it disrespectful to myself to continue playing a game where, despite the fact that you do not break any of the rules, there are players with administrator rights who punish you simply because they feel like it. This is the reason why I stopped playing this game 2 years ago. I will only continue to play on this bot if eco publicly apologizes to me in this thread and will no longer use his admin privileges on me in situations where I do not violate the rules of this bot. eco, you are wrong and I cannot understand the logic in your behavior, because I did not insult you at any point and always treated you with respect and communicated with you in a friendly manner. Anyway.. it was nice to see some of the people I played with a few years ago and I appreciate the fact that you recognized and remembered me, it was a very nice and warm welcome < 3
  3. Hello, I am BREKBONS. I haven't played here for 2 years. I played here for last 2 days being happy that maryusake is not playing here anymore, because he was using his admin rights to ruin every game I was playing with him. Today I got a deny from ECO for 4 games (at night time, when there are almost no games) just because he wanted to !ff and I didn't want (like another 3 team mates). MESSAGE FOR ECO: I treated you with respect and always kindly communicated with you, in the hope that somewhere there is an adequate person in front of the monitor, but when, in response to my respectful attitude towards you, you, in fact, give me a ban for 4 games just for the fact that my opinion did not coincide with yours is very low and you fell in my eyes, I just wanted you to know this, I was one of the few people (I think) on the bot who treated you well, and you just wiped your feet on me . eco, work on you man, this is not correct, I tell it to you with all my respect (the last drop, though..). Good bye ingame, maybe see you in another 2 years.
  4. По какой ссылке? Поделись плиз)
  5. Столько лет играете, до сих пор админы шалят?) Напомните, как тут и что работает и стоит ли качать варик, который выложен на сайте в файлах или лучше где-то в другом месте скачать для русско-язычного игрока?
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