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  1. Styla, the admin [smf]burn starts to be as eco, kicking and giving a ban to everyone, and now he is doing it acording to your rules about "new players - fake accounts". We just had a game, he kicked a player with 400 games cause he played too good for 400 games (ha had 3-0 score) and then he kicked another player (both from his team, finally it was 5 v 3 and he ruined a game, we had to rmk). I guess he just had bad draft (didn't like his skills) and invented a reason to make rmk. Please, I know everyone who supports this server is imortant, but isnt [smf]burn ruining the server giving ban to every player who plays good and have around 100-400 games ? I have 2 options in my mind: Change this rule or take some rights off from [smf]burn Cause this admin will start to grow a negative feelings about the good server we all love
  2. Странный админ, банит по каким-то неоднозначным причинам, в большинстве случаев взятых из воздуха, и каждый раз делает это после сноса трона, когда все выходят из игры.
  3. Now I could enter the game, but straight after start, when I was picking skills, I had disconnect (without a possibility to reconnect) I restarted my PC, now I'll try again..
  4. Me and few players more (from what I know) also have problems with the entring. Once I join lobby, it kick's me out (and I don't have ban). It happened after last restart of bot (1-2 hours ago aprox.)

    Map rules

    I probably don't know something... we had a crash yesterday, but as always it happened cause of the mess with spectre, tomb (zombies) and lot of heroes fighting.
  6. Why this guy is continue playing and I am here waiting for unban? He deserve to be banned too, he ruined my evening, I was just playing and enjoying my favourite game, and now I can not enter because of him.
  7. Hello everyone. I was just playing in the same team with this new admin maryusake91 and after our tree was destroyed he gave me a ban for no reason... When the game finished I just seen !b brek and didnt even have time to see the nickname of admin, only seen it on the website. I hope for justice and the solution of this unexpected problem... never seen this admin before, I thought it is just a common player... who is this guy and why he ban players with no ban reason after the game is finished. Waiting for some answer. Thanks.
  8. 8 disconnects today, mother of god... !!!
  9. oh, no, doesnt matter, I found the way to enter BREKBONS account on forum finally..
  10. Пишет "админов наказывают при предоставлении доказательств в виде скрина или ссылки на игру, отнимают возможность кикать и банить, так что - вперёд, дерзай"
  11. Ну речь про меня шла, а я не имею таких привилегий. А по игре, насколько я помню, у ливера был ульт ланаи и я его юзал, чтобы завардить карту, а кто-то начал уводить его и мешал мне его контролить. Возможно было ещё какое-то нарушение, поскльку я обычно ориентируюсь на любое действие, близкое к нарушению правил, иначе я не баню и не кикаю, а просто ливаю, поскольку имею право.
  12. Ah, ok, sorry man, my fault.
  13. Eco pays and you don't, accept it and delete your post, cause is useless.
  14. I could understand if you'd say: Styla told that being an admin I can leave. And I'd believe you, cause I leave because of that, because I can.. But you are a motherfu**ing liar, cause you flame and leave.. And now you are saying that you don't. You also left day 23.09, day 22.09, day 21.09, etc. don't tell your bullshit here. Every admin knows who are you.. I don't know what do you expect when you type here that you never flame and never leave. Stop lying, man..
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