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  1. Can leave the game but don't make from this a habit (maxim 25 games leaves per month).If leaves are more than 25 then adminn access will be removed for 2 days. Can kick a afk player (until he is kicked by map) if is on his team . If the player are in gproxy reconnecting process he can be kicked too. Can use kick/ban if a player swear, also the admin has to talk civilized like a true admin. Can kick a player (from his team) who wont !ff if votes are 4/5 Can !deny a player for current game lobby if in the last game that player was afk/flame. If an admin broke the rules he will lose right to kick/ban. (like eco) QUAKE333 NEED LOOSE HES ADMIN HE DIDNT HAD RIGHT TO KICK ME I JUST EXPLAINED HOW STUPID IS HIM HE BAN AFTER I HIT 3 CREEPS ON NIGHT WITHOUT TO GET GOLD OR XP TO NOT DIE FROM MAEL IT WAS ON HES SIDE, AFTER I KILLED THOSE 3 HE JUST BANNED ME NO WARNING!!!! FUCKIN REMOVE IDIOT KIDS ADMINS PLZ
  2. Night on creeps doesnt give gold i go regen with 10% hp as naix to not die from maledict, and idiot do ban for 3x2 when i explain and i tell him he abuse and stupid as admin he kick aswell lol
  3. Abuse of admin he open slots for own reason
  4. Yeah i talk like this in real life too when someone is stupid and not fairplay:) I know is not a way to like me so i dont care i still will play fairplay and stupid kids can try teach me lessons still remain kids:D
  5. Hey to avoid ban no 4/1 it doesnt determinate you to can ban if i change just if you wanna abuse of admin you can interpret the rules new ones!!! If you wouldnt be a greedy player you would understand old players like me know to play in a fair way even not takin all creeps so others can have cash in begin too stupid kids only start to interpret the rules and do what they want:)
  6. Another shit admin Quake333 use admin for own reason i go near him and he say rule 3x2:)) fuckin idiot we was 2 he wanted farm alone the stupid noob shit how can you people let retard kids ban omg? and after that he kick and take off the ban cause i have printscreen when we are 2 on that side and thisway he fucked the game of 9 ppl banned 1 more and game got restarted PLZ TAKE CARE AND REMOVE NOOB ADMINS!!!! so ppl can enjoy game
  7. Ok now i had a game with a lvl 13 noob invoker standing in fountain using the sunstrike doin 1 hit on 4k hp what i think its an exploit he dont even get dmg returned on bm so unkillable killer? is that normal guyz?
  8. Thats the only reaon i will never donate again:) not cause i dont have 10 euro probably i earn more than this shit maryusake91 with salary of 500 euro, i smoke daily 14 euro so i dont care, its just this game lost control and you soon will be 2 games on from 10 cause of stupid admins!!!!
  9. Between all my account are score 4.8 so any of them i play does not affect the balance so stop telling about my accounts!!!
  10. And now you prove that you dont wanna make anything when idiots abuse:) I did show all account names what was banned to check only the reason, what you clearly not gonna do so if you dont wanna help just dont answer and you not need to make the job of your moderator:)
  11. Can you understand i didnt talk to anyone i was killing with ursa on my new nick cause i was woried i get banned cause im karakx and idiot maryuake91 did ban Ratokzul acc for NOTHING he wrote banned for fake should be removed as admin and all admins should be able only to start a game and nothing else till they not prove they can play fair and not selfish!
  12. Another noob yeah i got banned for nothing and he cant even talk english unbelivable should be a reason to not give admin to people who cant even talk in a common language! after that he say i insulted,it was actually after the no reason ban and no explain and he say slot dash:)) fuck it unbelivable
  13. Reason For last game i was fake:)))) PLZ REMOVE MARYUSAKE91 NOOB kid, another joreimba retard and was a 3rd noob admin omg wtf i happening:)) idiots abuse and noone control probably they got mad of covid all retard ragers:)))
  14. Hi people i am KARAKX sadly all idiots get admin third time banned playing doing nothing unbelivable Check reasons for Bans Karakx Sattar Ratokzul!!! all 3 accounts banned each time after 2 games last time idiot Maryusake91 retard kids get admins OMG OMG fuckin uncontrolable!!!!
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