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  1. Admin wehaveahulk doesnt let me play, just using !deny command because he has no excuse for banning me. It´s just very low life of him, poor admin.
  2. This admin denies me from games he plays, no warning nothing.
  3. Please unban me, I experienced no hero bug and tards didnt want to votekick so it banned me after disconection and got autobanned. (nick in INGAME: Drunknlanding)
  4. Hello my IMBA(ciles), I have awoken after a year of hibernation to play this great map again, but I got banned yesterday because there was a bug at start: it was like lagging but other players moved normaly, I even voted for RMK but it didnt pass, so when I was able to click on disconect, I done it and waited for next game (I believe the same thing happened to Eco in that game), please unban me.
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