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  1. u are a terrible liar. U think you are smarter than everyone else on the server, but all you do is lie and cry. I am fed up of you. So u will always be denied from my games
  2. ady_imba u were kicked for breaking 2 x 3 rule. U know what you did and you break rules on purpose
  3. You've since been unbanned, but you weren't playing with team, you were playing against team, but i agree ban was too much, this is why I unbanned.
  4. Ok i want to apologise for this. I was in a bad mood from another game and i took my anger out on you. I am truly sorry for my behaviour. I will try to keep my emotions in check. I have unbanned you. And i promise not to lash out on others when its not fair. I understand you are trying to have fun and so am i and I am not above you. Please let me know what I can do to make it up to you.
  5. wehaveahulk


    this is what russian looks like to me " " tell me, what can i translate from empty space? there is NOTHING HERE to translate. I do NOT have the symbols installed on my computer so please advise me how i can speak in russian? but you can easily speak in english and you choose not to. so you are being a difficult team mate. As i said, dont join games i am in and there will be no issues. I dont care about you or your feelings.
  6. wehaveahulk


    also, if you dont like speaking english, dont join games that i am in, cos i will mute you if i dont understand you. simple!
  7. wehaveahulk


    u cant help yourself, you keep insulting, you must be a 5 year old child that is the only reason for your short temper... u need to relax...
  8. wehaveahulk


    no, i ask you to speak english because its a team game and English is a UNIVERSAL language. I banned you for antigame as you did not help defend at all. i dont care where you are from, but if you are in the same team, you MUST speak the same language as the team need to understand what to do!!!
  9. wehaveahulk


    explain how i am racist? you are the one who was swearing and i have evidence. you insult my parents and my country. i did not. so i will keep banning you for at least 10 days until you learn to calm your temper and apologise for insulting parents
  10. i have unbanned you, but dont insult and act like a child again. next time there will be no unban for insults
  11. Yea, no problem, i would unban you, but, you insulted me straight away. so you must be banned for the insult.
  12. Also, you ping the screen and do not give context as to WHY you are pinging screen. its just annoying. When i ping screen, i state the EXACT REASON why i ping screen. EG: REGEN. when you ping screen, we have to guess why you do it....
  13. funny thing is, i would have unbanned you at the end of the game, but you insulted and then flashed the screen multiple times just to be annoying.... so now you dont get an unban. if instead of behaving like a child you apologised for your mistake, you would have been unbanned straight away. but alas, you want to be a child so i will treat you like a child.
  14. No, you were banned for antigame, u were playing with rosh when 2 sides were baing taken. you did not def. If you def, no ban, but guess what, you didnt want to def, you wanted to pkay your own game with roshan

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