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  1. I sadly see that bot and all ingame become rotten all. Seems styla only care money nothing more. Here is my case which shows that: https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=242687 I send PM to @styla, make a topic at admin abuse topic @serb.arxangel created and never look. Nothing change at all. Even styla respond me after my ban expired. They just dont care us (no paid users) anymore. We are just fun factors for admins. Maybe they even think to get benefit from this shitty issue because I saw last wednesday podfuck donate after maryuske ban him. This server turns slowly to a market i guess. Just told everyone no donation means no rights, no justice. Its really sad for me to write these because i left Wepla (turkish server) because of this issues and all same shits happen here also. Anyone interested can see my posts related admin abuse here: Thanks to @Ady_Imba at least you care and give an answer which becomes more valuable in this server from nowon.
  2. Again same guy but this time is different. After last issue, styler make a decision but i guess there is no warning or anything against "IImbadII". This time he want me to apologize him which i was right. So i dont apoligize of course and dont argue more since he is admin and almighty. I ask all to kick me because he does not want to play same team with me. I start votekick but he kick me and ban me as afk. Ban reason not true as you see chat in below even i was playing properly you can watch replay. He also told me "Complain me anywhere" (08:35-08:38) I just wanna say i dont complain anyone here i just seek justice and stood against admin abuse. Donate should not mean behave carelessly and look down other players. Styler, hope this time you can spare time and solve this issue permanently. You can either told me not play imba here anymore without donation or take action against who was guilty. Otherwise i will be banned continuosly. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=242687
  3. I got ban with no reason even i was not playing game. (you can check my ban info) I'm pretty sure the guy who bans me become admin just for this issue so i think its really admin abuse. No report no reason and got banned because he donate and he want this way. I fear this continue in future also so he keep become admin and ban me continuosly? Also this allow me to think that way, if i dont like some players (not admins) i can become admin and ban anytime with no reason. No need solid prof and its applicaple for past games or issues. This issue will damage community really bad i guess.
  4. Game: https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=218582 Admin: Eco Eco does admin abuse a lot most of the time those are not worth to create a post (not play properly, stay fountain, farm all time etc...) but that game i share link he kick me without proper reason. I try to play my game. He died many times (not related with me) after that he said i need to buy gem "not request more like command, and threaten if not buy game ff or something like that". Anyway i bought a gem also. Ta dam he got bored and kick me and ruin game. Seems like total admin power abuse. Till now i get used to him not play or leave but kick players without proper reason is not something acceptable i guess. I just want give Eco proper punishment.
  5. What's the purpose of this topic? We just write admin abuse so what? Any penalty for admins or punishment? Who will judge it? I thought make a report about eco long ago but then when i think myself there will be no solution, probably styler cannot give any punishment for them because there are really few players who able to donate and losing them wont be wise. Everyone knows eco leaves most of the games and nowadays he evolved not leave but destroy his all items and watch rest of the game. If any admin have a real solution please share for ex: if an admin really guilty he should get ban somehow or get a penalty point.
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