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  1. Hi Styla, am I banned? why can't I join game?


    1. styla


      You need to update gproxy to latest version. From now, the old version(s)  aren't allowed to join.

  2. Gproxy keeps saying new update 4.00.....can't open game
  3. Just finished a game, had same problem with furoin ulti, seems it was a map bug because when I used wrath it didn't hit the enemy hero when they ON SIGHT.
  4. This is very nice and useful
  5. +++++++++++++++++++++
  6. https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=77647 please unban me, wc crashed again
  7. Hi Arch, nice to see you back, I played only two games since the bot back, had been really busy for the past month.
  8. The reason I ban you is not because you afk'd, it was because you kept wispering and swearing at me after you got kicked for AFK. And this was not the first time happened!!!
  9. Very detailed and clear, WD dream!!!
  10. I have talked to Zerith this morning and did everything as he did but still not working, I even had to dl Chrome to register on PLAYGROUND RU, as most ppl have the same problem in the WhatsApp group: by using gproxy, you will be disconnect and the system says invalid game version, by trying log on with Playground Ru, It can't connecting to server and shows INVALID BATTLENET SERVER.
  11. I have played many games with Ady and I have to agree with all your complaining about him, but I don't think we need to ban him, the only punishment he needs to get is mute for 20 games so he can learn not to talk too much trash in a game, on the other side he is at least not a rule breaker or leaver, he just doesn't really know what 'ANTI' is and, he needs to work harder on his English so we can all understand what he is talking about.
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