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  1. 1. IImBaDII 2. Забанил за то что я не хотел с ним фармить. 3. https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=253762 4. Slatan, Axe, Widowfist koro4e vse nawy adminy videli
  2. This marysace banned me https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=239064 , Im stiil in the ban 18 hours. He not answer for my amnisty. Here, according to the protocol, it is clear that i did not leave and that i coult not reconnect, but i could not because my electricity went out. This reason for ban?! Well, let's say he banned the thought in the game that i leave, but in 18 hours you can consider my amnesty, where I indicate the reason. He would consider if he was a normal admin, this is not my only opinion that he is not an adequate admin, just one example...
  3. 1. maryusake91 admin 2. Ban me not of reason 3. https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=220544 4. I've been sitting in this stupid ban for 10 hours, why should these forums ig no one is considering them, explain to me whitch skill shouldn't be given, or can't attack the admins in the game at all?!! I gave ice and stop time, whichog these skills are bad?!!!
  4. It seems maryusake91 banned me about this, but I didn't have a spell crash, but he took and banned!!!
  5. 1. maryusake91 2. Banned me not reason 3.https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=220544 4. Pls unban me
  6. 1. maryusace91 2. Prosto kiknul i zabanil 3. https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=220544 4. Neznayu chto dalwe pisat', prosto zabanil i kiknul, na pros'bu unban ignoriruet i dalwe i graet, a ya prosto zabanenny seju, eto pravilno?!!
  7. 1. maryusake91 2. https://www.ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=220544 3. Neznayu dalwe chto pisat', prosto zabanil i kiknul i vse, pros'bu na unban ignoriruet i dalwe igraet, a ya tut seju prosto zabannenny
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