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  1. sometimes missclicks can be awful. is it posibble to add repick command to game?? usable until creep respawn
  2. 17:11rykitkilledatokka 17:51[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: rykitда ебана рот Is this the problem i check all chat last game How can i see where you go you asked am i right rykit ?? Well like this. Never blaim me as using map hack. i have over 1k games on this server and you can check them all prove one game i use cheat i delete my id never come back it is that simple. Note: I am not ready.mamon i am the guy who reported him 3 times for using hack and all rejected. Ferrochrome1990 so i translate all chat watched replay you can do same dont deny me again for no reason as i said to you "if you have problems about my playstyle or rules tell me what to do" in english thanks for reply
  3. theese rules no longer apply styla after deny i wait 20 mins and other game started without me
  4. he still continues denies randomly i asked him several times still no response Imba 305913 last game id next lobby deny give me an explanation!!!
  5. he denied 4 player at lobby no one did something wrong preveous game he can use os but he did that !deny by one by one i asked him why and he didnt response now he can answer from here is admins can deny players when they did not do anything wrong?? its late time and very high lobby wait
  6. i wanna make donation with coin usdt is that possible


  7. Atokka

    game bug dc

    i reset connection and its fixed
  8. Atokka

    game bug dc

    when we farm at nc me and one i farm with got same issue. waiting for host screen came on top we cant move control but watch game. we can see other players kills etc.
  9. sorry phaselis i was wrong about quake333 he is just little noob who cries all game and used deny on me!! because of 2 mins nightmare jungle farm when creep spawns i go into lanes and let them farm. He is just a braindead kid.. PPL WHO GIVES SOME CASH BECAMES ADMIN... BUT THERE IS A RULE Admin requirements: min. 100 games or must be a know pro player. HE HAS SO MANY GAMES BUT... WHO CAN SAY QUAKE IS A PRO PLAYER LOL here it is game id: 238942 JUST CHECK HIS SKILLS HERE GAMES FIRST 8 MIN CHAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT FARMS BECAUSE I DID NOT MADE TOXIC PLAY I LET THEM FARM 00:00[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Blz.j0k3r-eb 00:00[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: pzdc_ya_dno-cam 1.6 00:01[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Blz.j0k3r-cam 1.5 00:03[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Blz.j0k3r-don 00:03[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Blz.j0k3r-hhn 00:04[Ing]:Scourge 4.82 4.30 4.27 3.74 3.34 Avg: 4.09 00:04[Ing]:Sentinel 5.30 3.60 5.06 2.99 3.52 Avg: 4.09 00:04[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Blz.j0k3r-cl 00:05[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: justoctober-eb 00:06[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: justoctober-cam 1.6 00:15[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Dankoburiti have necr 00:20[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Dankoburitpls wards blood seeker 3 plss 00:45[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: podfuck_jnomg 03:30dankoburitkilledkyrgyzjigit 03:37[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: podfuck_jnwtf 04:09dankoburitkilledkyrgyzjigit 04:46quake333killedkyrgyzjigit 05:43[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: justoctoberknight - aba 05:46norrickkilledblz.j0k3r 06:17russiandotamixkilled the SCOURGE bottom level 1 tower. 07:30norrickkilledquake333 07:49blz.j0k3rkilled the SENTINEL top level 1 tower. 08:33dankoburitkilledjustoctober 08:44quake333killednorrick 08:56[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: pzdc_ya_dnoam slark
  10. hey styla i am banned can you help me ? 

    maryusake91 banned me because he thinks my id is fake

    My first id is Zulx but i cant join from ingame website restored wrong password. and my friend give me his second id 55asil55 max 100 game with that and than i create this one named Atokka i dont play with other id's

    1. styla


      i can help you to restore password, PM on Discord

  11. FAKE ID BAN UNBAN PLZ THIS ID IS NOT FAKE my first id is Zulx but i cant join from ingame website restored wrong password. and my friend give me his second id 55asil55 max 100 game with that and than i create this one so this is my main id
  12. One more thing Maryusake91 2 days ago kicked 2 random player and than quit game outo rmk this is game id : 236037 you can check bans from there he ruins server and gaming experiance...
  13. maryusake91 banned me because he thinks i am using fake id he banned me without asking... JUST ASK MAN... IS IT THAT HARD? YOU CAN'T BAN OTHER PLAYERS RANDOMLY WHEN YOU GET REKT NOOB!! btw let me explain my first id is Zulx but i cant join from ingame website restored wrong password. and my friend give me his second id 55asil55 max 100 game with that and than i create this one so this is my main id.... ALSO i played max 400 games AND LAST ONE i dont need 2k-3k games to win aganist noobs like maryusake91 UNBAN PLZ
  14. quake333 argued me all game long because of kill steal. But he didnt use kick or ban on me it seems you are using map hack and blaming him LOL.
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