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  1. I demolished your side and flew to farm spot. The fact that you stood there with Sludge and waited for someone, I don't know. You look at the replay first, how it was. And what kind of MH are you talking about. If I were MH, Ra4u and Seline would have given me a ban a long time ago. And even if you don't know with 1.5 cd that ult stroma deals damage to mobs and so I fly directly on them (in your understanding to "sludge") to farm and fly to kill you like noobs.
  2. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=recentGames&do=single&id=338832 Hahaha, he's a rat and a "room hero" Watch the game, he's stupid like yours watching the player's stats and accounts, cunts that it's a fake and kicks. And finally, when I started killing him on cd, the crybaby kicked me too. Such ghouls can't be given an admin at all!!!
  3. I wrote to him, it's useless and you know it very well, what you said above "for no reason" so, correspond to what you said. You banned it without fact on moss.
  4. As for insults, anyone in this situation would say that you're wrong here!! I don't deny the fact that I sweared. But you also admit that you're wrong here and ban me!
  5. The fascts that I`m moss, they see that I give arrow on the spots!!! Jisifications, facts where???
  6. I gave a ban without proving that I was using maphack. Slove the issue with admins who distribute bans as they want, kick for being killed. In fact, 90 % of them cost afk in games, go out and spoil the game to others. I`m looking to take action on this. Game:https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=recentGames&do=single&id=312273
  7. Прощу уже рассмотреть эту тему с Админкой на игроках, которые кикают во время игры и дают Бан. Уже который раз жаловались с тиммейтами на эту тему. Щас тупо получил бан и кик. Примите уже меры на счёт этого!!!
  8. This guy uses kick and ban command like no other. I cannot understand how these people have admin. He kick Xin and we ended up playing in 4 because he's an idiot. The reason stated is 3vs2, and he was in their 3 lane. Anyway, another fine abuse. Game: https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=recentGames&do=single&id=278506
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