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  1. Of course you won't publish. But I know that you read this and it gives me great pleasure to know that you are so angry at losing after 61 minutes that you ban because of rage
  2. Apologize for what? For laughing and saying loser after I throne you? Loser: a person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest. You ban in the lobby because you are so ANGRY you lost a 61 minute game against me hahahah I would rather NEVER play again and leave server forever than apologize.
  3. Moderator sel1in3 rage banned me because he lost a 61 minute game against me and was very angry. No rules were broken and there was no insults. Just pure anger because I say "hahah EZ" in the lobby after I beat him. In the prior game, when sel1in3 killed me he would type "xD" to try and antagonize me because he thought he would win the game as we had already lost 2 rax. But we do an EPIC COMEBACK and win in a 61 minute game so I laugh back at him and say "EASY" but I do not insult, I only claim victory and say that he lost the game. Then in the lobby of the next game he is so ANGRY and ENRAGED that he bans. The player needs to control his emotions. This is very poor conduct for a moderator to not be able to control his emotions after losing a long game. Lobby Log 00:04 [Ing]: sexylilgirlsmmm@ingame.go.ro Average [3.29] - Games [8862] - Leaver [7] - Win: 56.7% - KD: 8.6/5.8 - Top #6 00:05 [Ing]: sel1ne13@ingame.go.ro Pro [3.86] - Games [3071] - Leaver [5] - Win: 49.3% - KD: 7.6/4.2 - Top #662 00:08 sexylilgirlsmmm hahahhahahaha 00:10 sexylilgirlsmmm too easy 00:12 sexylilgirlsmmm xD 00:12 sel1ne13 !ban sexy 00:12 [Ing]: Player [sexy] was banned by player [sel1ne13] for the next [2] days. 00:18 sexylilgirlsmmm rage ban 00:19 sexylilgirlsmmm LOL 00:28 sel1ne13 !deny sexy https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=298848 And the game before: https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=298843 If a player gets so angry after losing when his opponent says "EASY" perhaps they should not be an admin. Serb.arxangel and rde_xo4y_pa4y are very good because they stay calm and use judgement. I have thousands of games with these players and zero kicks or bans. Sel1n3 1 week of admin and already he is abusing.
  4. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=297051 Admin Quake333 abused kick. I did not break any rules but admin quake333 kicked me because I killed a creep near him when he was already enraged because he was feeding. Why does he think all creeps are his? It was in the 9th minute. I was farming in the same spot all game and he followed me to where I was. Our base was at no risk. We had all our 2nd towers. I had 3700 gold and needed 1-2 more creeps for sacred relic so I could get thunder fury. He kicked me purely because he was enraged he was feeding and wanted to take his anger out? Or maybe he does not understand basic strategy and does not realise that it is idiotic for BIRD with no items but 3700 gold to run around trying to defend towers, when bird is an item dependent hero that relies on fast early farm. This is the problem with low skill toxic players being given admin. Just before he kicked me he was also instructing teammates to not defend (antigame) and insulting us as parasites. Is this fair conduct for an admin?
  5. SevenPososiHyi was banned on September 4 by s1atanic on his account musakeshit https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/Report/View/1044/ As soon as he was banned he abandoned the account: https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?&app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=toplist&do=single&id=247569&year=2020&month=9& He immediately made a new account under "tixosychki" and continued playing https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=toplist&do=single&id=248180&year=2020&month=9&page=6 Then he spends all day doing ban reports on me and other players, to waste admins time. I thought multiple accounts were not allowed?? https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/Reports/
  6. So he tried to team sell the items of a player who was afk fountain sitting and then shared hero? He didn't solo sell. That is not bannable. And how do you know who it was who sold? It is easy for ANY player to mistake a player sharing with a player leaving. You just rage banned because you were losing LOL ??
  7. He sold all blues gear? Really? You rage kicked him before blue left. Caught lieing. I tell styla because you abuse admin. Ban for insult 10 times a day but insult yourself. And rage ban new players just for having low skill because you are angry. Still can't believe you lost 4v3 with axe + dispersion LOL
  8. I was just in a game with fr1ed0m. I was destroying him very easily like usual, even with it being 4 vs 3, then after 50 minutes of game time he rage kicks and bans his teammate who is a new player, but had been trying his best all game. Kicking a noob for feeding is fair, but why ban a player just for low skill because you are losing? He rage banned a player who was playing honestly and just trying his best. And then in the lobby of the next game because he was raging after I beat him easy, he started insulting calling me a moron etc. LOL. I don't care, but this is an admin who bans 10 people every day for "insult". Is very hypocritical.
  9. You are mistaken, everyone here knows I have never left a game. In fact, I have the record for the most games played consecutively without leaving. Also that picture you made is clearly photoshopped. I can tell because some of the pixels look funny.
  10. That wasn't a leave. There was a thunderstorm which knocked out the power station and caused a blackout, which disconnected me.
  11. You must be making this up because I've never left a game ever and have never said something like "ez noob" "you suck" before. Are you sure it was me?
  12. I am posting because I just witnessed admin abuse. fr1edom is rage banning players unfairly. And then when the player lodges an appeal, he oversees it himself and rejects it. This has happened to me too from him. I was just in a game, and at the end of the game all frederix_black said was "fuck you riki", referring to the hero, and fr1ed0m banned him because he was enraged he was losing. frederix_black had not even talked or said anything else all game either. frederix_black 1 d, 20 h, 58 min remain 25.09.2019, 14:47 Insult 23.09.2019, 14:47 Fr1ed0m https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=173227 32:26Frederix_Blackfuck you riki 32:30Frederix_Blacksorry 32:31GhostRider:))))))) 32:32Fr1ed0myou ban 32:34Fr1ed0mman 32:36GhostRiderno u wont 32:37sexylilgirlsmmmfor? 32:39sexylilgirlsmmmLOL! 32:40GhostRiderhe said riky 32:42GhostRidernot ur name 32:51GhostRiderlearn the rules
  13. Blah blah blah. Go cry to mummy.
  14. lol how sad you go around my profile stalking me. Sorry I have got you so raged You don't make the rules peasant, you follow them.
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