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  1. Hello once again Eco, yes this should be the purpose, but not making the player rats. This helps our gaming experience and communication? I doubt It doesn't matter how many times I was killed. You don't really understand the purpose of Imba till now? It is a game, not a war, you should enjoy it not stay and watch every damn purpose of making it a life and death challenge. Honor? I do not have honor in an 3v5 from minute 2, it should be rmk, not FF because you had a good hero. I hope you will understand my point because this is my last reply on this topic, it is not worthen.
  2. Hello Eco, you can watch the game and see what really happens: 1. The first player was kicked because he didn't respect the 3x2 rule on the creeps on minute 1 of the game 2. The second player had an errored connection to the server and was kicked in the minute number 2 by the bot In minute 2 we were 3v5, with none of you wanted to rmk, so I am asking you, would you like to play games 3v5 from minute number 2? With other words please hesitate to call out loud persons "rats", you can post also the game, where you simply threated if there will be auto rmk you will report.
  3. Hello PashaPashok, Thank you for the response. I have sent him a PM yesterday. I will wait, but even so , tomorrow will expire it, so the delays are not even in my favor:)) Thank you!
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