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  1. а написать жалобу не вариант, или прикрепить хоть игру где были данные оскорбления!
  2. that feeling when no one cares about bugs
  3. попробуй переустановить
  4. @WLegion Give me proof that I was afk , where is the bot notification that I am afk you're just a little whore who's offended and does everything to annoy
  5. @WLegion you check the players for the number of games before the start (fake acc), and not in the game when you start to get hung up and you start kicking opponents and write rmk
  6. why didn't you kick it during the start, but kicked it during the game when they started to tear you up like a bitch , you immediately kick for fake acc , and then write rmk
  7. Выруби модем на 5 мин и перезагрузи комп
  8. автоматический бан за выход из игры
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