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  1. cancel this admin's ability to stand afk with impunity, he loses 99% of the games and costs afk...Let it work, but AFK, don't use the hero, it's no use
  2. иди нахуй сын шлюхи
  3. 8 bug. 3 the razor skill has become invisible, and works all over the map, for example, the enemy has razor and golems, he sends golems a push, and if you defy, 3 razor skill is triggered, and you can't kill him like before..and if you use a blow on an opponent standing next to razor, it will still work)))
  4. иди нахуй сын шлюхи
  5. блять исчезни нахуй тупоголовый, мне поебать кто и что там пишет...потеряйся больной и не пиши здесь
  6. 7 bug wolf's ult, used to react calmly to bm, now it's weak, you beat against bm, you die as if you didn't use it
  7. 1 bug. spector skill 3, does not work with an ult nevermore 2 bug. The horse's ult began to break when using the roof's ult 3 bug. agr axe still drops all artifacts on the alchemist 4 bug, ult spectra still does not work if you take the hero Spector, and standing on the fountain, he will not use no one, you need to go out 5 bug, aba stopped working as before, now it may not work at all 6 bug, enchatress skill 1 began to break, it used to give the enemy a miss, and now it gives you
  8. не писий, твою мать с собой заберем, ибо кому ее потом ебать, раз в твоем ссср все дырявые типа тебя по пацанам
  9. я не разберу твой пидарский язык, кстати твой батя тоже на таком пиздит...ты видимо не подкидыш как твоя мать говорила, просто не признает тебя своим, тк ей стыдно что у нее заднеприводный вырос
  10. ну врядли твоя мать за отсосом будет мне врать
  11. я пишу не для тебя тупоголовыш, нахуй мне твое заднеприводное мнение тут сдалось, так что свалил нахуй к своему парню чебурекаться, и не лезь сюда
  12. previously, when you had a horse and the enemy had rylay ice, you could freeze, now the roof stops the ults in time, and you get invulnerability
  13. блять иди нахуй а, пиши в своей флудилке или где ты там заёб всех своей задротностью
  14. New bugs in general, this is Spector 3 skill, she used to work against sf hero (nevermore) yesterday it worked for me 1 time out of 15 ... The second bug is Aba, if the enemy has Zeus and Atropus, then Aba turns on but life remains 100-200 and is not filled as before... And if it's just atropos, it may not even work, I was playing now, 1-2 out of 10 times worked
  15. yes, nothing, I will sit in the bath, because even though I did not start, but offended more, I just wanted you to see that he exceeds his authority, those links above confirm that theonly at the expense of a friend kick and ban objectionable
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