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  1. LodLord

    Imba Freez

    At some point, the computer just freezes. We have to reboot. Only through - GProxy hangs the computer. What could be the reason?Please unban me and remove leave Styla.
  2. LodLord

    Imba Ban

    Delete my fake acc. and please unban me Styla. Remove leaves to 5
  3. LodLord

    Imba Ban

    3 times have blocked. Waited 3 times on 2 days. Didn't take Leave on 5. Please remove LeaveNickname "Firstbloood"
  4. На сайте бана не видно, а при входе в игру написано что бан из-за лива. Не могу подать оппеляцию. Буду признателден за разбан
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