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  1. If you mean an error, then the text is as follows: For unknown reasons, the game could not be patched. Maybe someone or something is preventing us from doing so.
  2. When I manually specify the path to the game, it works, but the error still appears, but you can play it. Hotkeys still don't work.
  3. for unknown reasons, it was not possible to patch the game. It's just that someone or something is not allowing us to do this. this is a text with an error translated into English
  4. the error occurs on a new client. This is after the reinstallation. with standard settings @styla
  5. I dont know why but they dont work please help me fix this problem @styla @Bio @sel1ne13 @s1atanic @G Kay @h3rmit
  6. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=recentGames&do=single&id=431429 - game https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/TopList/&do=single&id=362009&year=2023&month=7 - admin didn't write ff. When our team have 3 players and enemy teams have 5 players we with my teammate wrote ff and this admin didnt write. we told him write hi didnt
  7. 13:56[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionlol 14:02[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1? 14:06the Sentinelубитыйiiiaojiuhb 14:10[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionlool like feed 14:18[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1yeah? 14:21[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionyeah 14:29[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1its your opinion 15:10[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionthis pugna 15:15[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionkill all creeps 15:21[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionin early 20:06[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1!ff 20:06[Ing]:1/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 20:06[Ing]:[4k1] has voted to forfeit. 20:09[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legiongood 20:09[Ing]:2/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 20:09[Ing]:[unique] has voted to forfeit. 20:09[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: unique!фф 20:14[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionff pudge? 20:26[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1dont joke 20:28[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1write 20:29[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueна хуй иди осел 20:32[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioni dont 20:38[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k15-9 20:39[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionpugna ruined my game 20:50[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you like that? 20:514k1убитый ТЬМА top level 2 башня. 21:12macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 21:17slark-_-tasherубитыйsilver33 21:25liliweубитыйunique 21:25liliweубитыйg-legion 21:27[Ing]:MaCho77 has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET). 21:34[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1tell me you like that? 21:40[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionlike waht? 21:58[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioncheck chat 22:12[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1how pugna reuin your game 22:18[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you like that? 22:24[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionkilling all neutrals 22:36[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1maybe he didnt know 22:38[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionand now ff 22:38the Sentinelубитыйiiiaojiuhb 22:50[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you dont want re 22:51[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1? 22:55[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i want re 23:05macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 23:07[Ing]:Player [4k1]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 23:10[Ing]:Player [unique]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 23:12[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionfinsh and re 23:146atbko_n00bубитыйsilver33 23:22[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k16-11 23:26[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you really want that? 23:37[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionfocyums game\ 23:49[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1what? 23:50[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legiondont judge me after idiot pudge are 0 24:06slark-_-tasherубитыйiiiaojiuhb 24:06shodiev_bbbубитыйg-legion 24:22[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i know 24:40[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1he has bad hero for his skilks 24:41[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionretard have only basher 24:44[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i know 24:58[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i perfect know thats 25:07[Ing]:Ban reason: afk after 23m in "IMBA #155" 4v4* on (08:22:21 PM Saturday 17-June-2023 ) From: ingame | UZ" 25:07[Ing]:Player [4k1 ] was banned by player [G-Legion] for the next [2] days. 25:07[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legion!b 4k1 afk 25:11[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1but i dont want lose game 25:13[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioni saw a afk player 25:14[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1AFK? 25:15macho77убитыйthe Sentinel 25:22[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i kill axe now 25:40macho77убитыйunique 25:43macho77убитыйg-legion 25:59macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 26:05[Ing]:[6aTbKo_n00B] has voted to forfeit. 26:05[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00B!фф 26:05[Ing]:1/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 26:07[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i dont stay AFK 26:07[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legiontoo much items 26:14[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1unban me 26:15[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1WTF 26:22[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i kill axe just 26:25[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1and respawn 26:30[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1WTF 26:33[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you dpoing? 26:48[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioni stayu fountain and speak 2 mintes 26:54slark-_-tasherубитыйsilver33 27:04[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionunban after game end 27:14[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i hate you 27:15[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1really 27:37[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueда он пидор тупой что не понятного 27:50shodiev_bbbубитыйunique 27:52[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1ya bla tebya zawiwal 27:54[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i pzdc 28:01slark-_-tasherубитыйiiiaojiuhb 28:02[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueя видел 28:03silver33убитыйg-legion 28:06[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1pzdc 28:08[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1spasibo 28:09[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueбратан ну я не могу его ббан снять 28:186atbko_n00bубитыйliliwe 28:42[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1i dont concentrate in game because i banned 28:48[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1unban me 28:51[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1and play 29:03[Ing]:Player [4k1] has been muted. 29:03[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legion!m 4k 29:05[Ing]:Player [6aTbKo_n00B]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 29:09[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioni dont repeat 29:22[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: unique!unmute 4k 29:22[Ing]:Player [4k1] is no longer muted. 29:29shodiev_bbbубитыйslark-_-tasher 29:30the Sentinelубитыйiiiaojiuhb 29:36macho77убитыйg-legion 29:38[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1fuck 29:41macho77убитыйthe Sentinel 29:51[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1poiwite 29:52[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1ff 29:56[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1odin on ostanetsya 29:59[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1napishet 30:00[Ing]:[4k1] has voted to forfeit. 30:00[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1!ff 30:00[Ing]:1/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 30:03[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: unique!ff 30:03[Ing]:[unique] has voted to forfeit. 30:03[Ing]:2/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 30:10[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1pugna 30:10[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1ff 30:23[Ing]:3/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 30:23[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00B!фф 30:23[Ing]:[6aTbKo_n00B] has voted to forfeit. 30:27[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1brood 30:31[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you last 30:31the Sentinelубитыйliliwe 30:31macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 30:32[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1write 30:33[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueзуйло пиши 30:33[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1ff 30:36[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1and unban me 30:38[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueхуйло 30:53the Scourgeубитыйsilver33 31:17[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1brood you last 31:52liliweубитыйslark-_-tasher 32:06liliweубитыйunique 32:21[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00B!фф 32:31[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueдаун не пишит 33:01[Ing]:Player [4k1]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 33:03[Ing]:Player [unique]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 33:04liliweубитыйg-legion 33:08liliweубитыйunique 33:12macho77убитыйthe Sentinel 33:13[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1help 33:24[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1you are late 33:27macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 33:29[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueда ему по хуй ті что не в идешь 33:33macho77убитый ТЬМА mid level 3 башня. 33:35[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueон мразь конченая 33:38[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legiontry to farm 33:43[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legioncant do in early 33:47[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1in 30 minutes? 33:55[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1good idea 34:18liliweубитыйthe Sentinel 34:37macho77убитыйg-legion 34:43[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1no help 34:44macho77убитыйslark-_-tasher 34:50macho77убитыйunique 35:08[Ing]:2/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 35:08[Ing]:[4k1] has voted to forfeit. 35:08[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1!ff 35:12[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: unique!аа 35:15[Ing]:[unique] has voted to forfeit. 35:15[Ing]:3/4 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (4/4 needed to pass). 35:15[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: unique!фф 35:17[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00Bа какой дебил не пишет? 35:21[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1g legion 35:22[Ing]:Player [6aTbKo_n00B]'s forfeit vote has been recalled automatically (three minutes have elapsed). 35:30[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00Bв бан на форум 35:31macho77убитый ТЬМА bottom level 3 башня. 35:31the Scourgeубитыйshodiev_bbb 35:31liliweубитыйthe Sentinel 35:36[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionlol pudge 35:37[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 4k1ya zabanen 35:44[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: G-Legionwhat a shame for urs 35:49[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: uniqueна форуме ? 35:56[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00Bласт фф 36:00[Всеies] [ТЬМА ]: 6aTbKo_n00Bбан 3 дня
  8. Terrible admin. Gave a ban without watching the game. I kill the ax and after respawn I wait until the mana is filled, he writes AFK and bans. Ruined the game. I did not write! ff although it was the last 4 times. I ruined the game not only for me, but for the whole team, and I also got a ban. I urge you to reconsider the game and give an adequate punishment to such an admin. And unban me soon. There are witnesses, all who were in my team can confirm my innocence.!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ужвсный админ. Дал бан не наблюдав за игрой. Убиваю акса и после респавна жду пока мана наполнится он пишет АФК и банит.Руинил игру. Не писал !фф хотя раза 4 был последним. Испортил игру не только мне но и всей команде и ещё мне бан прилетело. Настоятельно прошу пересмотреть игру и вынести адекватное наказание такому админу. И разбанить меня в ближайшее время. Есть свидетели все кто был в моей команде могут подтвердить мою правоту.!!!!!!!!!! https://ingame.go.ro/profile/9300-wlegion/ сам админ нарушитель IMBA #155 - игры - https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=recentGames&do=single&id=426276
  10. Да согласен, но тут же есть игроки которые играют через gproxy. Вот у gproxy нет биндера кнопок. В интернете полно таких программ, но разрешены ли они тут? Потому что я видел биндеры с помощниками для игры на инвокере и т.д. Вот в чём вопрос
  11. 1) Ник администратора: maryusake91 2)Пунк нарушения согласно правил администратора : Здравствуйте дорогие администраторы. Не понял причину бана. maryusake91 всеми нами уважаемый Одмен написал мне что то на английском, но я не смог ответить ему что либо так как не понимаю английский. Затем он мне написал English or ban на что я ему ответил что игра свободная и говорить вроде можно на любых языках на что мне прилетает сразу же бан. Прошу рассмотреть мою ситтуацию и обьяснить мне причину бана или же разбанить. Игра imba #11 2021-01-31 01:43:42 3)Ссылка на игру ( что бы посмотреть журнал и логи). Название игры: Imba 260626. Ну или это дата бана и игры imba #11 2021-01-31 01:43:42 4)Прикрепляем доказательства (скрин или фото).https://ru.files.fm/u/6y662pwzp https://ru.files.fm/u/f24dvz235 https://ru.files.fm/u/kne57ktpg https://ru.files.fm/u/kusvmxpb8 https://ru.files.fm/u/k7p5hnj96 https://ru.files.fm/u/7amyh6bfs
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