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Admin rules [updated 21.01.2024]

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1. Admin has dropped at start? Rmk only if players vote, the admin left in the game does not have to kick the players!

2. I saw many times when game is full and admins don't start the game and they start to kick low skill players. Now if lobby is full and you want to play with your friend(s) who aren't in the lobby, you will leave and join with him next game. I say that because are players who wait 5-20 min and they are kicked by admins.
So, Lobby full >> Start the game!
3. There are a lot of wrong kick's, so, let's make some clear rules like :
 When we can kick a player in lobby (or deny).
 Ok, we can kick downloaders. Can !deny a player for current game lobby if in the last game that player was afk/flame.
 When admin can kick a player in game:

a. when a player is noob and feed: wrong items/skills (this player can be in enemy team too, don’t kick noobs only from your team)

b. when is anti game and not defense or push - this is a complicated situation (is subjective) but with proof (screen/video) is easy to detect.

c. when players is afk (no matter is he writed !ff before) -  he watch game (and is not autokicked) and hero patrol at fountain, this is a classic antigame.... 
 Can kick a afk player  (until he is kicked by map) if is on his team .  If the player are in gproxy reconnecting process  he can be kicked too.  
 If the player are afk for 10 seconds (or more ) and in this time a Rax/Throne are fallen, is bannable !

Note: Only if teams score is like 30-5 for enemies, the player can stay afk without to be banned. (can be kicked)

d. If player spam  or uses inappropriate language.

e. can kick a player (from his team) who wont !ff if votes are 4/5 (not bannable)

f. can deny players who give easy ff (like eco and more), or players who get scared at the first triple kill and stay afk, noobs like kucza. In other words, it's ok to be able to filter players for a good match

4. Admins/Moderators have the right to !unban only their own bans or AUTOBANS (leavers).
Example, admin Serb.Arhangel banned a player for Afk. Only Serb has the right to unban him. The other admins deal with their own bans.

5. Admins can leave the game but don't make from this a habit: maxim 25 games leaves per month. When he has 25 leaves then he remains 2 days without admin. After  2 days of suspension, the number of leaves does not return to 0! will be set at 10 leaves! After admin rights will end , the leaves will be recorded and counted  until month ending. 

In some cases the leaves will be stored for next month.

6. it is not allowed to use the !os command in the first 2 days of the month when the statistics are reset.

7. If an admin use !os or !deny he should left lobby and start 5v5 ! if the time is late, do not use this command because if admin left he will be penalized.

 If a player refuse to 'tether' an allied hero can’t be banned or kicked for that.

Option for admins, kick the fake accounts:
When play a game and  a player has less than 100 games but he is skilled and have a lot of kills or he make the game with a smart build, then can be kicked  and even banned.

If an admin broke the rules he will lose right to kick/ban. (like eco)





King.Of.Imba :

Rules are very nice , but an admin should have ability to withstand all situation and know how to solve without a guide!!
when to kick , when to rmk , when to..etc 

just be fair , u will do the correct thing 😉



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whenever teams are if autostart or me !start  teams autobalance before game start so !balance is useles


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35 minutes ago, eco said:

whenever teams are if autostart or me !start  teams autobalance before game start so !balance is useles


Better like this to prevent abuse.

Many new RU or TR play good though. I lose many times from new players

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On 6/12/2019 at 11:26 AM, styla said:

wrong topic, but if a player leaves, yes, is a ban reason.

I just kicked player, because he started to destroy my items. For the future, can I ban this players or what is the correct action in this situation?

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future? woods or base but the same thing ...if a player destroys items its a ban reson but i give him a warn first next time he destroy ban.....thats how i do it

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On 8/6/2019 at 10:37 AM, serb.arxangel said:

future? woods or base but the same thing ...if a player destroys items its a ban reson but i give him a warn first next time he destroy ban.....thats how i do it

Got it, thanks

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  • styla changed the title to Admin rules [updated 21.01.2024]

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