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Admins/players commands [updated 16 01 2024]

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Here are the admin list: https://ingame.go.ro/Stats/admins/

Update 12.02.2024: Commands like  !os and !deny will not work if current hosting games are less than 3. Blacklisted players can join too.


The blacklist:

It works in the following way, a kind of advanced !deny, if an admin does not want a player in his games then he can use this feature and will autokick the blacklisted player.

If balcklisted player(s) are already in the lobby, he will be kicked  when admin join.

Now an admin can add a maximum of 3 players, and only super admins.

The command does not work, of course, against other admins. 

!blacklist or !blk - will show your blacklisted players

!blacklist name or !blk name- will add a player in admin personal blacklist

!delblacklist name or !dblk name  - will delete player name from admin personal blacklist

!blacklist -on/off  or   !blk on /off - admin can turn off/on his banned players without remove them from the list


Team Management: 

-Players team up with friends and stay on the same team (Scource or Sentinel) even after autobalance! They can make and break the team, add or remove players from their team. Below are explanatory details with related commands and how they work.

-Players with same IP are auto alocated in same team!

Non admin commands, available for all players (for a short period of time):
!team and !t -  With !team styla you will invite player styla to be in your team. If he write !t then he will accept to be in your team. 
You can use command up to 3 players, but if you made unbalanced teams skill then the bot will NOT start the game and will disband all teams.

You can invite several players at once: !team sty kucz doter Yes, you can use the abbreviated name for styla, kucza and 1mbadoter. Invited players should type !t to agree to join your team.

After starting the game, you will be in the team with those you added.
!teams - Will show in chat current players teams.
!clearteam - Used to disbanded your team.  Or to remove a player from your team. !clearteam name

Admin commands:
!clearteam - same as players command, command is available for all players.
!clearteams - Used to disband all created teams. After is used message will be: "All teams has been disbanded!". This command should not be used. Abuse will be punished. Probably this command will be only for root access.
!forceteam name or !ft name - Will force a player to be in his team. !forceteam styla - will add player styla in your team without his accepting with command !t

Note. Commands are not fully tested and various bugs are possible, please report them.



Commands in lobby:

!os 3.10;  Score check enabled, now the minimum allowed score is 3.10.  Range 2.99 to 3.2
!deny name : ban player for curent lobby
!scores - this command was updated to write players name too, not only skill. 
!balance or ab - will autobalance he slots, but this comand is auto run, so no need to use
!o - open slot
!c - close slot
!hold name  hold a slot for someone
!holds name nr  hold a specified slot for someone. Example !holds styla 2 and player will join when lobby is full on position 2 (teal).

!start start countdown from 10 to 1 

!realm  show players joined server
!as disabled auto start because abuse


Commands in game:

!bl will ban last leaver
!mute name
!kick name
!fpp pause game
!fpr resume game pause

!ban name days reason ex: ban styla 13 flamer - will ban for 13 days
!s 2 7 swap players slots


I will explain here how !mc this command works:

!mc player

Now we have 2 situations:

1. If player join with gproxy (ingame.ro) then the result is 100% accurate. The players used or not multi accounts. The result will be printed like Aliases [by guid]: player player23

2. If player join from iccup then the result is not accurate because is based on IP's. The result will be printed like : Aliases [by IP]: xxxxx yyyyy. Some IPs classes are common and in this case other players (innocents) may be displayed. Example: xxxx and yyyy are two different people with the same IP class.

In case 2, this is a general info. 


!fgp command works like that:

After a player are

!fgp player

He can join in lobby only with gproxy.

Sometime are enabled in time interval 17.00 to 12.00 AM. In the morning all players can join.



Players commands:
!commands(will show all commnads like !ff !rdy ! etc...)


Special map command:

  • -unstuck  (If you are bugged or in bad place.)
  • -eb (reduce visual effects)
  • -cam 1.8 (map zoom)
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There aren't a command to clear the stats

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