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UPDATE: For latest changes please check the download>maps section

Updated in V6.5e1:

draft fixed.

mekansm a bit stronger
overload removed, can't be picked.
readded leoric stun
more stats fow webpage
balanr crash fixed
fixed "This item belongs to" 
fixed veno skills
4 iluss max for lancer (from 3).

• Mekansm is weaker.
• Less Lancer illusions.
• Roshan give less stats.
• Fixed Anti-MH issue.
• Replaced Kodo buff(from bonus) with Arcane boots
• Silencer steal intel, improved from 12% to 13%.
• Lower chances to get Midas bonus item.
• Added one more NC priest.
• Gnome poison fixed
• Butterfly (stack) less global damage. 
• Picked skills will be show in game stats page (stats page not yet updated). 

Updated in V6.5b:
• Roshan got new toy. :dwarf: 

Updated in V6.5a:
• Krob3 ulti fixed.

Updated in V6.5:
• Krob ulti added, the current damage is 40 damage per 0.5 sec per ghost
• Wind ulti. Can be counter by linkin
• Everybody gets their own courier!

Updated in V6.4:
• neutral re spawn timer set 25 sec (old 30)
• web fixes

Updated in V6.3:
• New neutral re spawn timer added
• Scourge now be invul in their founten
• Epicenter from sand king now has % chance to go off when you die instead of going off all the time(changed how it looked also)
• Spinwebs from broodmother is like in dota 2 .. with no pathing you can walk where you want to when you are in them. also no more limits to how many webs you can have 

Updated in V6.2:

• Added more neutral creeps.

Updated in V6.1:

• Fixed neutral respawn time to avoid farm abuse, 30 sec.
• Inc Lycan ulti cd to 130/125/120
• Inc Bloodseeker ulti cd to 160/155/150

Updated in V6.0b16:
• inc blood ulti cd

Updated in V6.0b15:
• added amh

Updated in V6.0b8:
• fixed tree eyes.

Updated in V6.0b7:
• removed Krobe ulti to avoid lag.

Updated in V6.0b6:
• rolled back rupture skill

Updated in V6.0b5:
• removed roshan feast and huskar passive and addded regen and 550 range.
• increase ench ulti dmg from 0.1 to random 0.75 (imba was 1.14)

Updated in V6.0b4:
• removed aleria ulti to avoid crash vs linken .

Updated in V6.0b3:
• roshan have blur +huskarpassive + feast.

Updated in V6.0b2:
• readded fountain pushback
• roshan will drop 1 aegis and he got bash again + davion aura bonus anti heartstomper aura..

Updated in V6.0b1:

• You can’t use storm ulti into there spawn
• New base system for spawn killing
• Links now works again(hook,and arrow) but will bug with FF
• Krob ulti added for testing
• Pl images added for testing
• New neutral creeps
• Phoenix first two spells are fixed
• Item pickup system to show you who’s item is who’s
• Roshan buffed
• WISP ulti removed for now will add it back later
• AXE spin nerfed on axe
• Rhasta wards will no longer count mines in his system and wards will spawn less and smaller 
• Zealot buff exploit fixed

And more...

Updated in 5.0c7:

• Deleted stupid command.

Updated in 5.0c6:

• Removed roshan pet.

Updated in 5.0c5:

• Nesaj crit like in 5L
• Roshan die harder like in 5L
• Roshan now gives 10% stats for MAXMANA/INT and 3 levels (no agi or str)
• Lucifer ulti like in 5L.

Updated in 5.0c4:
Linken in 5.1f -5.1l is a great bug (charge fail, riky can blink, storm ulti immune, sladar ulti is not returned anb mby more) and more desyncs, mby Dreamseeka will fix them but now i will revert back to old and stable version with some changes after version 5.0c3:
• Tiny Grow fix on all hero models
• Pugna ulti reworked( doesn’t need channelling) but not work with aga.
• Roshan now gives 3% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 3 levels
• Rearm from 70 to 100 sec CD.
• Storm ulti from 35% to 33% req. mana.
• Nortom skill perma steal 14% intel instead of 10%


• Removed Kodos. (Invis based chars refrained from getting First Blood.)
• Fixed S&Y
• Rosh no longer gives item stats in a bonus also buffed him
• Linken is being reworked, ATM it works with. CHARGE,FF,JUGGERULTI.
• Improved :Magnus cleave at 150 dmg,
Rearm From 120 to 100 sec CD.
Storm ulti from 35percent to 33percent req. mana.
• Removed bugged switch function who allow to atack allies.


• Roshan now gives 5% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 1 level.
• Both pets slow ms.

Updated in 5.1f: 
 U can now use -switch 1-10 host must type -switch on
• Zealot fixed
• Mekansm heal removed
• Rearm cd change from 70 to 120
• Pugna ulti reworked( doesn’t need channelling)
• Roshan now gives 15% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 3 levels
• U can now pick Skele's stun
• Roshan now has timestop
• Wisp now has relocate
• Wind focus fire no longer bugs with link’s
• Wind focus fire cannot target buildings
• Wind focus fire with ulti stick cd up to 30
• Doom ulti reworked
• Rhasta Wards no longer kills them self on abba ulti
• Rhasta wards spawn less traps
• PotM has a new arrow
• New Gem model
• Tiny Grow fix on all hero models
• Tips added for when you’re picking skills
• Bristleback snot now shoots passively every 3sec

tks to MyLifeBeLike.

removed -ci
removed -kickquit 
added sexy sounds
translated portuguese language 
roshan fixed
automode sd+easymode

improved: rearm,greed,powershot >credits to DarkDoomy
nerfed: magnus cleave(from 300 to 100), weaver passive, and Stars furry like in clasic imba.
readded new clocl skill, split shot.

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