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@all admins

Guys, come on, we have command like !mute to mute those who 'flame or blasphemy'. @KASTUTO... You can't just ban every person that says any flame word all day. Warn them first, then mute them, if they continue in the next game, then ban them. A lot of the ban appeals are your bans on flaming.

I used to do that too, @styla told me to just !mute them, and to be honest, that simple command never even crossed my mind. Try get into the habit of that command, you have to understand that the other gamers out there are also people like you and I. We all want to play, we all want fairness.

I'm def not perfect in here either, some call it abuse but eg...

The scoring system is just there, does not really work in my opinion, most games it will be 4 or 5 regulars vs 5 newbies. The main thing about IMBA is the luck of the draw. I swap with someone when Zerith is in the game as he and I are best mates in reality, we really enjoy jamming IMBA with each other. Most people cry when we swap, but we don't unbalance it, we lose a LOT of the games... why... luck of the draw. But we still have a good laugh and try do out best with what we get.

Another thing I have noticed with IMBA... Never give up! There have been many game where I have typed !ff as it looked obvious that we were gonna lose, but... our team still persisted. We defended, we pushed, we won.
IMBA is about fun, not winning, people have yet to realise that. My games played between my old server twilightgaming.co.za and styla's ingame.ro are just over 13150 games played. Okay a few of them are from the LOD maps just before IMBA took off, or should I say, took preference.

There are many out there who hate me, out of jealousy or what, no idea, I was never rude to them to start them off like that. But ye, they are unhappy about something in life I guess.

Guess that is all I have to say for now.

Anyways, keep gaming, keep the peace, keep having fun!


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