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Styla change the rule please


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Styla, the admin [smf]burn starts to be as eco, kicking and giving a ban to everyone, and now he is doing it acording to your rules about "new players - fake accounts".


We just had a game, he kicked a player with 400 games cause he played too good for 400 games (ha had 3-0 score) and then he kicked another player (both from his team, finally it was 5 v 3 and he ruined a game, we had to rmk).


I guess he just had bad draft (didn't like his skills) and invented a reason to make rmk.


Please, I know everyone who supports this server is imortant, but isnt [smf]burn ruining the server giving ban to every player who plays good and have around 100-400 games ?


I have 2 options in my mind:

Change this rule or take some rights off from [smf]burn

Cause this admin will start to grow a negative feelings about the good server we all love

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