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Ok now i had a game with a lvl 13 noob invoker standing in fountain using the sunstrike doin 1 hit on 4k hp what i think its an exploit he dont even get dmg returned on bm so unkillable killer? is that normal guyz?

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Invoker sun need to nerf thats certain, also its damage should reduce according to its range. Whole game it hits 4k and for 1 skill we need to make apolyon. Its damage should increase according to level but for now its really unbalanced and ruin game most of the time. I also think roof live armor unbalaced but there are several ways to overcome that but invo sun skill not like that. Hope someone take action.

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Roof armour is fine as purge dagger can remove it but most people are too stupid/lazy to make it. 

Invoker damage is overpowered yes, but can be overcome with high health. What I would do is remove the ability to cast from fountain.. as it's very unfair you can be a noob level 7 and just sit in fountain in safety and 1 shot people from safety. 

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  • 2 months later...

Sunstrike is overrated in general, who idea was it to make it do so much damage. It needs to lowered it 1 taps a Cent, the only hero that is technically safe is SKing. Damage in general needs to be lowered, even Chen test of faith is not as op as that. People get refresher orb and spam 1 shot everyone from where ever they are. 

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