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Hello all IMBA friends! 

At the request of the players, for the first time we opened the imba team competition. 🏆

Tournament HostBot (inglod_01) can be started by a moderator with command !pub Game1 team1 vs team2. For the next game  !pub Game2 team2 vs team3. Hostbot are restricted to host maxim 1 game. Hostbot will host only to ingame server.


The teams must be made up of 5 players and have a designated captain and a name. Players should have min 500 games. (moderators and donors pass this limit)

Somthing like this:

Team name: IMB-GoD

Captain (slot blue/pink): styla







The team that wins the tournament will receive VIP🏅 : access to the !start, !mute  and can enter the lobby when it is full, cant be dropped when admins join in lobby, cant be banned or vote kicked. If the winning team includes a moderator/donor, he cannot pass the prize to another player

Rules are the same like in IMBA public bot.

Pulling out cable or losing connection is counted as leave, the game will continue without rmk. Do not play if you are not sure in your connection.

It is not allowed for a player to play in several teams with fake account.

Serb and Satanic and will organize: registration time, schedule the matches, etc.....   Any complaint is redirected to them depending on the language  (EN/RU)



Note. A Russian speaker moderator, please edit and translate this post in Russian.



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