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Albatros abuse with commands!

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Violator: @albatros


11:13[Ing]:3/5 players on the Scourge have voted to forfeit (5/5 needed to pass).
11:13[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: albatros!ff
11:13[Ing]:[albatros] has voted to forfeit.
11:17[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: apache!ff
11:22[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: apachego !ff
11:22[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: Zalaks!ff
11:24maeectroookilled the SCOURGE mid level 2 tower.
11:33[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: apachego kick
11:57[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: albatros!kick goo
11:57[Ing]:Google19 was kicked by player [albatros].
12:06[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: albatros!kick sec
12:06[Ing]:[SecreT]CreW was kicked by player [albatros].
12:06[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: apache!y
12:09[Ing]:The Scourge has forfeited
12:09[Ing]:Wait ten seconds before leaving or stats will not be properly recorded!
12:09[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: albatros!ff
12:09[Ing]:Game over!

they didn't want to give up ff was 5/3 kicked wrote ff because he couldn't feed himself did the wrong thing kicked two.


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There was no chance. For example first gamer with the highest stats started game about  8 or 9 later and at that moment he was on only 5th level. Secondly if I didn't kick these two, anyway others started votekick for them. I think i didn't do anything wrong 

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