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New feature: Admins Blacklist or personal ban list !

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We proudly announce another update of the our DotA Imba Legends HostBot, the Blacklist or personal ban list - added  by @h3rmit 


It works in the following way, a kind of advanced !deny, if an admin does not want a player in his games then he can use this feature and will autokick the blacklisted player.

If balcklisted player(s) are already in the lobby, he will be kicked  when admin join.

Now an admin can add a maximum of 3 players, and only for Super Admins.



The command does not work, of course, against other admins. 

!blacklist or !blk - will show your blacklisted players

!blacklist name or !blk name- will add a player in admin personal blacklist

!delblacklist name or !dblk name  - will delete player name from admin personal blacklist

!blacklist -on/off  or   !blk on /off - admin can turn off/on his banned players without remove them from the list



Commands like  !os and !deny will not work if current hosting games are less than 3. Blacklisted players can join too.

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