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Hello all 🥳 

This is the new ING client with pvpgn-client with GUI for WarCraft III based on GProxy  with built-in updated ghostone bot based on UNM bot for creating games and Warcraft III launcher. Client was made by motherfuunnick and updated by ingamero with H3rmit patch, updater, GUID read feature, scan for bad .mix/dll files and minor improvements. The client  includes libraries BNCSUtil v1.4.1, mpir v3.0.0+, StormLib v9.22+, curl v7.59.0. Also uses  WFE v2.27 (by Unryze).

Before you use INGclient I recommend to use a fresh copy of Warcraft 3 from HERE and you will get the maps used when you host games. You needed to avoid conflicts with any .dll/mix file like Dream_UI, RenderEdge , Map size limit removal etc...






INGclient need this port to be forwarded in router:

6325 - to reconnect in games when you lose connection


1. Download the ing client and unzip it. Do not open yet.

2. Go to client folder and open ing.cfg


Change the default user and password for ingame.go.ro and iCCup.

It is recommended (if possible) to have the same username on all servers

Note: Admins cannot enter from other servers with ingame.ro nick to prevent spoofing.

To activate connection to iCCup it is necessary to delete the # before line  #bnet2_server = iCCup

### NOTE. Only for iccup login: If the password contains CapItal LetTeRs, then you must write them in small letters, for example: DoG123 must be wrtied dog123

ing config.png


3. Now open the ingclient.exe click on settings:



4. Choose The path to Warcraft III (1.26) path folder. Note: ING client can connect to 1.27 or 1.28 servers with Warcraft III 1.26. You don't need  multiple versions of war3, version 1.26 are enough.

The Map path folder should be auto filled after you set the warcraft path.


w3 path.png

5. Open the client, go to tab Server choose a game and double click on it to open the Warcraft III, go in LAN and join game :)

For DotA IMBA you need only to open the Warcraft 3 from Open Warcraft  3 button and join in game called DotA IMBA, there no need to click on game name.



a. To play DotA Imba, join from ingame.go.ro server to enjoy of reserved slot, gProxy h3mit patch and no desyncs!

b. It is recommended to setup an iCCUp account. You can setup a Rubattle.net account too, OZgames, Balticum, XPAM, etc

c. To join  irinabot games, you need to make the authorization with Discord. It's required to set up a nick name on login section https://irinabot.ru/

d. In the iCCUp server, games hosted by official iccup bots (iccup DotA) are hidden, but you can see games from custom bots.


Know issues: 

a. Windows 7 users should install CURL before start ingclient, downnload and install   curl-7.46.0-win32-local.zip     Here is the source: http://www.confusedbycode.com/curl/#downloads

b. In some cases the main window moves along the mouse cursor and/or becomes hidden. I recommend restarting the application.






Extra features from Unryze, here you can find more info about WFE v2.27 (by Unryze)

In the folder wfe, file WFEConfig.ini, you can setup the follow features:

1. Autocast (hold the button and it will repeat itself).
2. Smartcast setting for every single button separately.
3. FPS limit removal (default ON).  Will increase the FPS from 60 to 225 (in my case) and the CPU usage from 3% to 18%. Turn it OFF if you  have an old CPU.
4. Hotkey setting for abilities/items and combination hotkeys!
5. Camera 360 degree incline control with mouse wheel (Hotkey can be added).
6. Camera height control with CTRL hotkey + mouse wheel (Hotkey can be changed).
7. Camera rotation control with ALT hotkey + mouse wheel (Hotkey can be changed).
8. Camera step setting for Camera modifications mentioned above.
9. Mouse lock.
10. Widescreen support. Default OFF. Re'apply your best resolution, from warcraft3 game menu: Options/Video/Resolution, if you turn it ON.
11. BLP 512x512 limit removal.
12. Single Player pause removal.
13. Delay setting for Single Player/LAN/Battle.net.
14. Delay setting for game start for LAN.
15. Map size limit removal. (Removes map size restriction for online hosting/joining).
16. Detailed information of movement speed and attack speed.
17. HP/MP regeneration display (only displays yours and allies).
18. Right mouse button click repeater (delay can be set in option "Action").
19. Enforce Hotkey option. (This overrides default WC3 hotkeys).
20. Manabar. (default off)
21. Healthbar colour control (Your/Ally/Enemy/Neutral). 
22. Display/Hide all UI.


Note! If you already have Dream_UI, RenderEdge or Map size limit removal; then delete them to avoid a war3 crash!  Delete the .mix/dll files from your warcraft 3 root folder. These features are now included by ingclient.

You can set the camera zoom too.






How to host your favorite map ? You are the admin! You can use .kick,  .deny, .blip (ban) and a lot of commands.

INGclient  need these ports to be forwarded in router, to allow players to join in your game:

6151 - to allow players to join on your create games with integrated hostbot.  Search on Google your router model to find how to forward a port. 

6170 to 6179 - to allow players to join from iCcup server.


By default is auto loaded this map cfg: Zombie Tag

- go to ingame server, chat tab and type .pub game name

- go in Game list, double click and warcraft3 is open, go LAN join and play. 

To change map you should to create a map config for desired map from your map downloads folder. In chat type .createcfg <mapname> then .pub game name and join and play.

Note. To create a config for other maps, you must have the map, where you set it before at point 4, in the map path: \Warcraft III\Maps\


Or you can use .host <number> <game name> and check the ing.cfg for the maps code.


Included maps with configs, ready to be hosted with command .host <number> <game name>

1. 10 Hero's Siege class 2A
2. 7 BladeMaster MK v3.5b
3. 7 Blademasters v1.34C
4. BayusFirestormTDA44
5. Blood_Tournament_Beta16_TD
6. Burbenog TD v4.0
7. BurbenogTDv2.34eLegends
8. Castle Fight 1.14b
9. cff
10. Civilization Wars v3.01b
11. CoN v9.13 hotfix4
12. Custom Hero Survival 5.1
13. [A]_Blacksmith_TD_0.23b
14. Custom Hero Arena Defence [final]
15. Defend Konoha v8.6 FINAL
16. Demon Circle TD v2.0
17. [A]_HCD18Fix4_ENG
18. DotA v6.85i LoD
19. DotA_Allstars_7.03b2
20. DotA_LoD_6.89aP
21. Element TD 9.4
22. Element TD 4.3b
23. Enfo'sVietNamV3.0
24. Enfos_MT_V192
25. Eras Zombie Inva85
26. Farm TD 0.2 EN Best Version!!
27. Fortress Survival Alpha 6.49P
28. Green Circle TD Mega 12.0
29. Green Circle TD Mega 10.4
30. Green_Circle_TD_v9.9
31. Green TD 33.0
32. Green TD Maffa Brown
33. YouTD_v1.10b
34. HELLHALT v5.0.29
35. Hero Siege Deluxe 2.0
36. hvsa X3 v4.11-Hotfix2
37. Impossible Siege v055
38. ltd2x2_100
39. LTDv514
40. Legion TD Mega 3.5x10 v3.9x
41. Mafa TD Full Queen v475
42. Mafa TD  Second Defence
43. Mafa-Td-Queen-v14.7
44. Massacre TD GOLDp
45. Neverland Escape v1.27
46. NightsongMercenaries117c_opt
47. Random Farm TD 0.55a EN
48. Spellcraft 0.63a Beta
49. Stronghold 3-Teams v3.13
50. [BK's] Gem TD v4.0kn
51. SurvivalChaos3.25
52. TowerWars_1.1
53. [UcW] Green Circle TD Pro v1.0a
54. Tropical_Tower_Wars_v5.48
55. Vampirism New Gen v7.05
56. VampirismFire6.0FinalVersion
57. War of Races 0.47b
58. ZN_1_18c
59. ZwuckeL TD 16.62
60. X_Hero_Siege_3.33_noKick
61. YellowTD 2.5
62. Zombie Tag v1.70 by styler


Example:  .host 16 Demon TD will host Demon TD map




What's New in Version 5.0.2   See changelog


ing.cfg fix.

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