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Новый учебник о том, как играть в Imba на игровом сервере. ×
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  1. Yesterday
  2. ozealat ему друг в игре писал кикнуть меня он на писал в следующее как я зашел в следующею игру его друг пищит кикнуть меня ладно как у вас написано типо если рейтинг больше будет то может выкинуть
  3. Last week
  4. yes correct me too guilty wehaveahulk
  5. I waited 10 seconds and you banned me while voting for this inappropriate behavior
  6. Really? You were standing on the fountain, after the question about the afk you did not answer, the result was a ban. What are the claims?
  7. It's a very fair post. Ferrochrome is abused many times. Admin needs to be taken away
  8. I attach game reply to and also send a mail to styla. this abuser should be banned by IP 302139.rar
  9. And today the abuser kick again in one game when he saw he lose in first minutes. there is log: 00:00[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: hypnose_kroete-cam 1.5 00:04[Ing]:Scourge 3.65 2.99 2.99 2.99 2.99 Avg: 3.12 00:04[Ing]:Sentinel 3.38 2.99 2.99 2.99 3.05 Avg: 3.08 00:14[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: gelik77-сфьcam 1.2 01:01[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: wehaveahulk-cam 2 06:11wehaveahulkkilled_cnatb_ 07:15wehaveahulkkilled the SCOURGE mid level 1 tower. 07:20[Allies] [SCOURGE ]: wehaveahulk!k bla 07:20[Ing]:black_tulip was kicked by player [wehaveahulk].
  10. Version 5.0.0


    В разработке Переводчик необходим
  11. 1. Ural90 2. Кик без причин 3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YZf4KsgBOR8r33r9HoU9CDhuRTgBbHox/view?usp=sharing - реплей Он вообще меня кикнул за необсонованный кик но хотя в правилях о фф 3 из 4 не написано.
  12. Всё очень просто , мы одобрили заявку , дальше человек пишит амнистию и обосновывает почему он поступил так , что его сподвигло на данный поступок , если причина оправдания нормальная , то мы входим в положения и одобряем Амнистию , если нет отклоняем.
  13. Ну хорошо забанили забанили.. А почему через час снимать бан я это не пойму ??? а толку от бана если через час его снимат
  14. Не знаю как другие модераторы, но я лично просматриваю реплеи где есть необходимость, и выношу решение о бане или отклонении на основании того что я вижу, поэтому имейте уважение к модераторам которые тратят время на подобную чепуху - "меня абидел игрок ываываы сказав что я лох, забаньте его". За подобное не банил и не собираюсь.
  15. Хоть раз посмотрите реплей епт. Там неадекватных игроков навалом. Они делают че хотят вы даже их не баните если забанили то сразу снимаете бан
  16. styla

    ING client

    Version 5.0.0


    Hello all ! This is the new ING client with pvpgn-client with GUI for WarCraft III based on GProxy with built-in updated ghostone bot based on UNM bot for creating games, irina connector and launcher for Warcraft III. Client was made by motherfuunnick and updated by ingamero with H3rmit patch, updater, read PC guid feature, scan for bad .mix/dll files and minor improvements. The client includes libraries BNCSUtil v1.4.1, mpir v3.0.0+, StormLib v9.22+, curl v7.59.0. Also uses the following programs/libraries: iCCupLoader for bots (by Abso!) and WFE v2.24 (by Unryze). Before you use ingclient i recommand to use a fresh copy of warcraft 3 from HERE, You needed to avoid conflicts with any .dll/mix file like Dream_UI, RenderEdge , Map size limit removal etc... You want a feature and you have a .mix/dll for it, and is not yet in INGclient, just tell me, we can add it. Basic configuration: 1. Download the ing client and unzip it. Do not open yet. 2. Go to client folder and open ing.cfg Change the default user and password for ingame.go.ro and iCCup. Note: Admins cannot enter from other servers with ingame.ro nick to prevent spoofing. To activate connection to iCCup it is necessary to delete the # before line #bnet2_server = iCCup 3. Now open the ingclient.exe click on settings: 4. Choose The path to Warcraft III (1.26) path folder. Note: ING client can connect to 1.27 or 1.28 servers with Warcraft III 1.26. You dont need multiple versions of war3, version 1.26 is enought. Then set the Map path folder with \Warcraft III\Maps\Download\ 5. Open the client, go to tab Server choose a game, with double click open the Warcraft III, go LAN and join game Note: 1. To play DotA Imba join from ingame.go.ro server to enjoy of reserverd slot, gproxy h3mit patch and no desyncs! 2. It is recommended to setup an iCCUp account. You can setup a Rubattle account too, OZgames, Balticum, XPAM, etc 3. To join irinabot games, you need to make the authorization with Discord. It's required to set up a nick name on login section https://irinabot.ru/ 4. To host a game with included bot you must consult the documentation on the internet. 5. In the iCCUp server, games hosted by iccup bots (iccup DotA) are hidden,but you can see games from custom bots. Know issues: a. For some beta releases of Windows 11 like this: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22483.1000.0, the client will stop run. b. In some cases the main window moves along the mouse cursor and/or becomes hidden. I recommend restarting the application. Here you can find more info about WFE v2.26 (by Unryze) File archive is not yet ready for download. Who want to test it, PM me on discord. Extra features from Unryze: In the folder wfe, file WFEConfig.ini, you can setup the follow features: 2. Autocast (hold the button and it will repeat itself). 3. Smartcast setting for every single button separately. 4. FPS limit removal (default 144 Fps). 5. Hotkey setting for abilities/items and combination hotkeys! 6. Camera 360 degree incline control with mouse wheel (Hotkey can be added). 7. Camera height control with CTRL hotkey + mouse wheel (Hotkey can be changed). 8. Camera rotation control with ALT hotkey + mouse wheel (Hotkey can be changed). 9. Camera step setting for Camera modifications mentioned above. 10. Mouse lock. 11. Widescreen support. 12. BLP 512x512 limit removal. 13. Single Player pause removal. 14. Delay setting for Single Player/LAN/Battle.net. 15. Delay setting for game start for LAN. 16. Map size limit removal. (Removes map size restriction for online hosting/joining). 17. Detailed information of movement speed and attack speed. 18. HP/MP regeneration display (only displays yours and allies). 19. Right mouse button click repeater (delay can be set in option "Action"). 20. Enforce Hotkey option. (This overrides default WC3 hotkeys). 21. Manabar. (default off) 22. Healthbar colour control (Your/Ally/Enemy/Neutral). 23. Display/Hide all UI. Note! If you already have Dream_UI, RenderEdge or Map size limit removal then delete them to avoid war3 crash! Delete the .mix/dll files from your warcraft 3 root folder. These features are now included by ingclient. You can set the camera zoom too. Enjoy!
  17. почему админам все можно сообщества пишут что стулу платят, румынский сайт уже надоело ща буду скринщоты делать где ему платят и пишут админы
  18. Всем физкульт-привет, хочу поделиться мыслями на счет программы GProxy. Вот мы переписываемся в игре и лобби, а можно ли как нибудь сделать что бы мы разговаривали по микро? Было бы ништяк=) (Ну это так мечтаем)
  19. Earlier
  20. I didn't know, thanks. This is fine, and explains why he uses deny, to me. You can't change the essence, the ban was removed, so at least you can kick, already something:) I think such people enjoy it, like people who enjoy domestic violence.
  21. He can't ban anymore when he is drunk or just because he slept bad. Styla notice that he and others like him abuse with ban and removed command "ban" from donators.
  22. Если строчить жалобы после каждой игры, конечно так играть невозможно. Попробуй как нибудь именно играть, а не реагировать на каждого кто в твою сторону чихнет.
  23. Че за система такая? нарисал жалобу дают бан и через час снимают. Это уже 3 4 раз повторяется. Админы невозможно уже играть. Если напишешь жалобу на админа. Он зайдет на игру поиграет и бабах ты в бане. инсулт+АФК+нонгаме ваше система супер.
  24. The abuse by wehaveahulk continues. After a couple of complaints in this thread, he found another way. Now he does not ban me, but does deny, from every game where this donater is located. Considering the fact that he plays almost always in the evening, I can't play normally. Until when will this inadequate person abuse his paid rights? How many more complaints do you need against him to take action?
  25. reported this donator: wehaveahulk. Is an abuser. He kick me because my skill kill faster nc..it was 1st or 2nd neutral creeps since the game started..about 30sec. then he deny me in lobby in the next game without any reason. Is not the first time when he makes abuses. he acting like a vengeful child when lose his ball.
  26. he denied 4 player at lobby no one did something wrong preveous game he can use os but he did that !deny by one by one i asked him why and he didnt response now he can answer from here is admins can deny players when they did not do anything wrong?? its late time and very high lobby wait
  27. I tested now and Approve/Reject works fine
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