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  3. bb play imbu with bots and marusya nedo moderator
  4. ok ready bla bla bla roof1k you block goodbye forever
  5. Actions like Marusya, you are very similar to this miracle, learn to play, you friend or girlfriend
  6. dont girls my male 31 yo dont frient maryusake91 ignore block ...... roof1d goodlucky bye
  7. or are you Marusake's girlfriend? then you are forgiven
  8. when do you learn to play and think?) Ady imba you should play with bots so that you can understand when you can kill and when they control you
  9. Last week
  10. Ysocereal abuze admin got me banned he got rage coz i didnt die on roshan from mines and stole roshan aint fair to got kick and banned for that
  11. ysocreal banned me on rage i dodnt die on mines and kiled roshan got instant kick and banned aint fair this its abuze
  12. я тоже за отмену такого правила, но в большей степени за бан марисуке, у него присутсвует такой аспект, что если он играет против тебя и ты проигрываеш, к тебе нет никакого внимания, но если ты начинаеш его нагибать, как происходит в большинстве случаев то он начинает чекать твою стату, и банить если у тебя 140 игр на аккаунте и стат 5.03.
  13. чё за хуйня это. Меня забанили из за этого хотя я не вообще не зашел в игру
  14. I sadly see that bot and all ingame become rotten all. Seems styla only care money nothing more. Here is my case which shows that: https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=242687 I send PM to @styla, make a topic at admin abuse topic @serb.arxangel created and never look. Nothing change at all. Even styla respond me after my ban expired. They just dont care us (no paid users) anymore. We are just fun factors for admins. Maybe they even think to get benefit from this shitty issue because I saw last wednesday podfuck donate after maryuske ban him. This server turns slowly to a market i guess. Just told everyone no donation means no rights, no justice. Its really sad for me to write these because i left Wepla (turkish server) because of this issues and all same shits happen here also. Anyone interested can see my posts related admin abuse here: Thanks to @Ady_Imba at least you care and give an answer which becomes more valuable in this server from nowon.
  15. unban me please, went out of necessity
  16. So, today is my time to public appeal :). New crazy ban from marusyake91 (or something like this) and i even dont want to share game to prove something, like that he is idiot and his ban is shit. I only want to say good buy to this server. Its hard to play with such idiots in admins. @styla good luck with breaking up this server by passive reaction to public opinion. @mariusake my petty, cowardly and unconfident pussy. I dont know how old r u, but when u finish school u will understand that in adulthood you will not be able to ban everyone. That there is no some styla who can give u such capabilities in real life. Good buy idiot
  17. The same problem was at 17-00 Moscow time, it gave me that I was a fake account due to the fact that 200 games were not played on it, right now I have 200+ games and everything is fine
  18. Можете меня разбанить пожалуйста. Спасибо.
  19. Again same guy but this time is different. After last issue, styler make a decision but i guess there is no warning or anything against "IImbadII". This time he want me to apologize him which i was right. So i dont apoligize of course and dont argue more since he is admin and almighty. I ask all to kick me because he does not want to play same team with me. I start votekick but he kick me and ban me as afk. Ban reason not true as you see chat in below even i was playing properly you can watch replay. He also told me "Complain me anywhere" (08:35-08:38) I just wanna say i dont complain anyone here i just seek justice and stood against admin abuse. Donate should not mean behave carelessly and look down other players. Styler, hope this time you can spare time and solve this issue permanently. You can either told me not play imba here anymore without donation or take action against who was guilty. Otherwise i will be banned continuosly. https://ingame.go.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=242687
  20. why i'm banned no reason and why no notification on banned


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  22. Подтверждение на хост боте вступай в игру, пройдет проверка на подмену ника (spoofcheck) Напишите или скопируйте текст из поля ниже и вставьте в чат.,,,????? Как это понять??? Помогите пожалуйста ???
  23. ░░█░░░█▀█░█▀▀░█▀█
    /フフ        ム`ヽ
    / ノ)         ) ヽ
    / |  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ
    / ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく  \ /
    丶_ ノ 。   ノ、 。|/
       `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ
        丶  ̄ _人'彡ノ

  24. Хахаха, 10к баксов За эти бабки можно купить крутой комп и задонить в разных играх всё, что тебе хочется)) (если представить, что можешь тратить эту сумму только на игры) p.s. Захожу на форум время от времени, чтобы проверить, не сняли ли этого оленя с админов, но он до сих пор с админкой. Я рад, что ушёл с этой помойки, где цыгане по блату творят чё хотят) ну их на хуй)
  25. перед входом в лобби напиши правильно свой ник
  26. pomogite, gproxy napishit, don'n use your lan name "Xanx" go back and chamge it "Xanx" gde logika????
  27. this orospunun evladı who have pay money insult me and ban. bacısını siktiğimin noobu.
  28. gproxy server is showing my ip to be of pabloescabaro. i think he got auto ban, that is why i'm banned can you unban me. he is from russian, im not russian  

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